Shortly after the close of Sony’s E3 press conference, Capcom released information on the upcoming downloadable title Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, which was recently revealed at one of the company’s community events.

While the price is still to be determined, the Fat Shark-developed game will be released on Xbox LIVE Arcade and the PlayStation Network in the first quarter of 2011. Some key features revealed for the game are:

• New Weapons, attacks and enhancements for the the all-purpose Bionic Arm.

• Rad’s new mustache.

• New platforming mechanics for more freedom and challenges.

• New physics-based puzzles.

• A crazy new mustache atop Rad’s upper-lip.

• Improved 2-player co-op.

• Enhanced graphics and better camera functionality.

• A cookie-duster.

• All new musical score inspired by NES-era sound effects, produced by the same creative mind behind the original Bionic Commando Rearmed soundtrack

• A mustache.

• Cut-scene art designed by cutting-edge art studio Massive Black, whose previously worked on Infamous, Bioshock 2 and,God of War III

• Seriously, what the hell is with that thing on his face?!