Earlier today at E3 2010, Chad and I got a first look at Call of Duty: Black Ops in Activision’s Meeting Room. While it’s somewhat hard to really get excited for another Call of Duty game, because they come out every year, Black Ops still seems to be an impressive and thrilling first-person shooter.

We were shown a demo of two stages, the first level called WMD that was set in a snowy Russian mountain in a mission for black ops units infiltrating enemies facilities. However, the action didn’t begin on the ground, but instead in the air as two pilots jump into a space aircraft and take off. One of the pilots focuses his attention on a small screen within the cockpit that shows a squad of soldiers who you can order around. The troops are eventually ordered to move into a nearby house, just before enemy troops arrive in a group of trucks.

The main focus point eventually shifts to the squad on the ground. You’re armed with a crossbow, trying to sneak by enemies and once they pass, you walk out and follow your squad leader up the cliff. After attaching a repelling hook,  you jump off the cliff and climb down right in front of an enemy facility and smash through the window to kill everyone in sight.

For the most part the squad uses stealth tactics, armed with crossbows and sniper rifles, but eventually the hardcore explosives appear. There was an explosive arrow that was used that blew up once a target once hit. The squad was then faced with a number of enemy troops, in which a thrilling battle ensued. The combat is fast-paced, but still tactical, as most Call of Duty games tend to be.

The second demo, the Payback mission, was actually already shown at E3 2010 at the Microsoft Keynote and the Activision Event on Monday night (dope as event by the way). I won’t really go too much into this demo, but it was basically a mission with two soldiers stealing an enemy attack helicopter and blowing up everything in sight. It was a very thrilling and suspenseful scene with explosions galore.

I really enjoyed the Call of Duty: Black Ops demo, although it’s really hard to get excited for a new Call of Duty game every year, fans of the series shouldn’t be disappointed with this upcoming installment. Very impressive action scenes, high quality graphics and what looks to be solid gameplay, Black Ops should have Call of Duty vets glued to the screen for many more months to come when it arrives on November 9th, 2010.


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