E3 2010 has come and gone, but the memories (and our coverage) continue.  Not as if GLaDOS would let us forget anyhow.  Everyone’s favorite maniacal self-aware AI is back in portal 2, and she has more insane puzzles to test your feeble gamer brain with than ever … for science.

Ripten went behind closed doors at E3 2010 for some screen time with Portal 2 spearheaded by the game’s Project Manager, Erik Johnson. Suffice it to say, Valve did not disappoint.

As if Portal wasn’t challenging enough for the average gamer brain, Portal 2 has added multiple new elements including tractor beams, thermal beams, spring loaded trampolines, bouncy goo, slidey goo and more!!  Prepare to have your 3d puzzle solving skills pushed to their limits … for science.

Check out the new Portal 2 gameplay elements listed above as we make our way through the now ruined Aperture Science laboratories.

After the demonstration had concluded and we had all applauded, I asked Erik one thing.

“Any word on Half Life 2: Episode 3?” I said.

“No Comment” He replied.

It was worth a shot.

Portal 2 drops Q1 2011, get both sides of your brain ready for this one kids.