As a lead in, we decided that one writer would each take one of the big three keynotes and try their best to make a case for their selection as the “winner” of E3. We may or may not feel that they won on all levels, however it is our job to convince you that they won based on the foundation of our piece.

I’m here to convince you that Sony won the E3 2010 battle by entertaining the hell out of the keynote crowd, maximizing the amount of press on hand, and combining entertainment with more than a few surprises and some big title announcements that made fans (and one VP in particular) very happy.

Now, Sony didn’t give away a redesigned console to the press, but what they did do was leave practically no man (or woman) behind. There were more than a few people in line for the Sony conference that didn’t have pre-approved access, and a few minutes before the show began, Sony made the call to let them all in. Bravo. I can’t speak for everyone, but it’s my opinion that most press outlets would rather be at the show then left in the cold so a few select outlets could be greased up with a limited supply of shiny free gifts. Didn’t Microsoft ever hear of that saying “if you don’t have enough for everyone…” Well if they did, I’m going to guess that their version ends with “give what you do have to those you think matter most.”

You want laughs? Sony’s press conference had you covered there too. With everything from Jack Trenton taking shots at the Project Natal Experience, to Kevin Butler bashing the device itself, Sony certainly didn’t pull any punches when it came to talking about their next gen competition.

Comedic highlights included Trenton’s opening statement which warned the press nearest the stage that, outside of some potential dribble from he and the others set to speak, everyone should remain fairly dry and wouldn’t be needing protection from a poncho. The poncho remark was of course directed at Microsoft’s Natal event. As funny as that was, it didn’t hold a candle to the one liners delivered by Sony’s hilarious pitchman Kevin Butler.

Kevin preceded Trenton’s entrance in video format, as a short clip featured his first dig on the newly coined “Kinect” Microsoft product formerly known as Natal. “Who wants to shoot with their hand? What are we three?” said Butler before pulling out his very own hand gun and making the “Pew! Pew! Pew!” noise. During another clip addressing the benefits of Sony Move, Butler once again took a jab at Kinect, saying that “we here in the future call these buttons. They come in handy for millions that like to play platformers and shooters, or any game that doesn’t involve catching a big red ball.”

Once Kevin Butler hit the stage for real though, his kid gloves came completely off, and the crowd erupted as if Sony announced free consoles for everyone … wait, you can get that effect without giving away free shit? Amazing.

Kevin led in with “Am I crazy, or did I just see a hundred French acrobats prancing around an arena the other night?” and it went on and on and on from there. Nintendo wasn’t safe either, as KB made the comment that boxing with Move meant that on-screen characters would benefit from having important features like “arms … and necks.” After he got his fill, a big screen image of Kevin using the PlayStation Move device prompted a few more laughs as well.

A new ad campaign for the Sony PlayStation Portable brought even more funny, as it paired Kevin Butler with Marcus Rivers (played by actor Bobbe J. Thompson) to tell the story of a young gamer and his quest to become the face of Sony’s portable gaming division. All in all, I’d be shocked to hear that someone left the Sony keynote without letting out at least one chuckle. If you did, shame on you.

You want games? No problem. Sony announced a pant-load. They showcased titles like EA’s new Tiger Woods PGA 11, with an on-stage demonstration designed to show off the “one-to-one” swing ratio capable via the PlayStation Move. I laughed as the first few shots got hit into the sand, and thought to myself “Tiger’s got a new woman in his life, and her name is Sandy.” Hey, I’m no Kevin Butler, but I thought it was pretty funny.

Another Move specific title announced was “Heroes on the Move” featuring several Sony fan-favorites like Jax, Daxter, Sly, Ratchet and Clank. The long awaited release of GT5 was teased as well, saying that we’ll finally be able to get our hand on the full 3D capable release Nov 2 2010. This prompted Epic VP, Mark Rein, who was sitting directly behind me, to say aloud “really?” As in I’ll believe it when I see it.

Gamers also got a look at Crysis 2, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Infamous 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Killzone 3 in 3D, plus a slew of other games shown off at the end in a giant gaming montage, with many of them playable on the show floor.

Sony had something for the crowd expecting surprises and exclusive announcements too, as titles such as Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Medal of Honor, and Dead Space 2 are all lined up to deliver various exclusives on the PS3 console.

Valve’s Gabe Newell hit the stage mid way through to announce Portal 2 coming to the PlayStation 3. Considering all the negative comments Gabe has made about Sony in the past, his presence was likely very humbling and motivated by spite. Many believe that his decision to finally support Sony was fueled by a Steam rejection by Microsoft. Regardless of the reason, Gabe surely ate every last piece of humble pie available when he issued the promise that the Sony PlayStation version of Portal 2 would be the best version available. He also joked a bit, attributing his on-stage jitters to the fact that Kevin Butler introduced himself back stage as the “VP of Sharpening Things.” Yet another point for Kevin and Sony in the laugh column. A clip of GLaDOS wraps up Kevin’s appearance saying “let’s put our differences behind us … you big monster.” How fitting.

The last surprise was of course the “Come E3 I’ll be sitting rite here at my mac” because “I WISH we were making a new Twisted Metal” announcement of Twisted Metal for the PlayStation 3 by David Jaffe, who from this point forward shall be referred to as “the big fat liar who likes to Tweet too much” until he gives me good reason otherwise.

So there you have it. It is my opinion, that although Sony did not end up introducing any new hardware (unless of course you consider a more detailed look at Move a new hardware announcement), they still won E3 2010 through sheer entertainment value, and as Kevin Butler so eloquently put it at the end of his on-stage appearance, by serving “one master … one king … and his name is GAMING!! FOREVER MAY HE REIGN!!!”


  1. Great read, Chad. Although I disagree, I definitely believe the entertainment and shock. And Bobbe’J Thompson is a hilarious actor. His Shutterbugs skits with Human Giant are incredible.

  2. You can argue who won, but there is no denying that Microsoft lost by a huge margin. They had no games…. Halo 2.3 and Gears 1.2 did not cut it.

    Nintedo had a good show, but the hardcore were not considered. Mario 154 and Zelda 54 didn’t cut it either. Showing multiple games on the same engine, with different textures was a kick to the balls. Luckily their 3DS saved them.

    Sony left out more quality titles than the 360 even had the last 3 years (including this one), that says something about the quality they have. They talked a bit too much, they are getting better at talking less, and finally cut the PS2 out (mostly), but too much talk. PS Plus also looked lame. Their saving grace was that they had all the hardcore games worth talking about. Infamous 2 looked incredible. Killzone raised the benchmark again. Gran Turismo can run at 1080p and 60 FPS in 3D (That twice a performance hit), yet it put Forza too shame in every way possible. You then had twisted metal.. which was awesome, and a million other titles.

    I give it to Sony over Nintendo, because Little Big Planet 2 can make better games than what Nintendo offered in less than 24 hours… wow!

    Nintendo is close second, but Microsoft is far and away last.

    I can’t believe their big hardware reveals was a copy of the PS3 Slim, and a copy of the PS2 EyeToy. Hey Microsoft, here is a clue. Getting rid of the red LEDs on your device isn’t the proper way to fix RROD, next time try fixing the problem. Will you be less pissed off when you get a flashing green light? And putting a sticker on your console telling you not to move the console at all, EVER! because you will carve a circle into your $70 game and ruining it isn’t a brilliant idea either. To think… with Kinect, every jump, you will lose your game…. wow! And the heat is scalding hot, worse than the PS3… it actually burns. And nice try claiming the sound issue was fixed, slightly better… maybe, but it’s still the loudest.

    Microsoft = Facepalm

      • Yeah have a cry cause you over heated your XBOX like a real winner I love the lack of actual facts on the RROD it is because of in-proper use shall we get into the Yellow Light Of Death Thank you Sony????.

        As for moving your console while playing a game??

        How many RPM will a V8 do before it blows up?? HMMMMM

        It isn’t hard to work out something balanced that spins if you move it something bad will happen were not talking an old vinyl record here people grow some logic.

        Fan noise isn’t an issue at least you know its working and sounds like PS3 owners are all clutching at straws.

        Sony = Software
        Microsoft = Hardware

        Which is harder to make?

        Untill Sony offer much better online support and ad an extra 2 processors to their reduntant console i guess the XBOX owners which out number Sony owners in my quater of the planet 3 to 1 will always win.

        PS Chad Lakkis I would Let All My Frustrations Out To but only for not buying an XBOX

        • The new Xbox 360 does not suffer RRODs. A .02 (I searched, that’s what it told me) second Google search would give you that information.

          Also, I have no idea what the hell you are talking about for the rest of that comment. It makes no sense. I think you started talking and your fingers just kept moving without any reason or rhyme. So… good for you, I guess. Keep on truckin’.

    • Best… comment… EVER! You are right. If you jump up and down playing a Microsoft K(UNT)inect game, you will cause your room and xbox to shake and possibly end up scratching your games while they run in your Xbox. New model or not, both xbox models still have regular drives that cause harm to your games.

  3. I don’t know or care who won but Sony had the most that appealed to me as a core gamer. PSN+ is right up my alley and since it’s not mandatory and the free version is still there. It’s great for those who want it – if you don’t like it, don’t get it. The core games were there that I wanted (sans Last Guardian) and I already have the PS Eye so if I want to try out Move it’s just $50 (which I probably won’t).

    Overall, they made me excited to own a PS3.

    • I totally agree. The games Sony presented made me happy that I already own a PS3. 3D and Move, however- not so much.

        • I’m of the opinion that a game like Killzone 3 looked and played great. Sure 3D may have a few extras that make you go “wow” once in a while, but I just don’t see the cost/benefit ratio making sense for everyone right now.

  4. Interesting how Sony supposedly “WON” as it were you sight they had more media and promotional information and allowed everyone into an event that had a max occupancy and used a “limited Entrance number” to try and entice people to want to see Sony’s presentation. This coupled with the “running jokes” they made towards Microsoft show an insecure following from PS3 owners.

    The short answer is XBOX owners don’t have to wait for upgrades that follow other consoles.

    XBOX owners will have support from the manufacturers of their games, unlike Gabe Newell, who has made it very clear he didn’t want Sony but wasn’t let into the Microsoft Club House so he has great commitment to his CHOSEN!? console.


    You cant beat Microsoft.

    They Have Won This War And Did Before The PS3 Even Came Out.

  5. IF I WAS SCREAMING I WOULD TYPE LIKE THIS CHAD but seriously im relaxed but would prefer the truth be told so there are no misconceptions? Im sure you agree??

    • There are no lies (at least not in my write-up). I’m not sure if you are referring to the comments made by readers down here after the fact..

      If you read the piece, the objective is clearly explained in the first paragraph. These are playful jabs between a few fellow writers and myself. The fact of the matter is, there is never really a clear cut winner because it all comes down to what the individual values most.

      Some value variety, others put more emphasis on hardware, sequels, etc. Each one of these pieces is meant to illustrate one of the big three is focusing on one or two aspects that we believe that company did well.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • Ah I see thats a different stand point to “LET IT OUT YOU WILL FEEL BETTER” LOL this is all in good fun mind you but if your going to allow people to slam the XBOX then let others slam the PS3 lol


        • Yes it’s fair, you fanboys belive in your cause and are often blinded by the truth. Open your eyes and your mind to other consoles. If many people claim that the microsoft experience is as good as the ps3 epxerience. Why not get both? Double the fun right? And if you come with 2 years of old trash talking about the ps3 like; got no games, bad network support, to expensive. Then you are doomed to wander for an eternity in blindness. Have fun.

          • In all honestly Carl, media have an unfair advantage. If I look over my shoulder, I see every console to date (granted some are in boxes :D).

            The average family can not afford to buy every console and line them up in front of their TV for the sake of being “well rounded.”

            Now, I am not supporting the flat out bashing that goes on between console supporters, but I do understand that at the basic foundation, all gamers really want is to feel that whatever console they have the means to purchase gives them every bit of enjoyment as the others.

            They have that right.

            Thanks for the comment.

          • “You fanboys… open your eyes and mind to other consoles.”

            Chad and I both own all three consoles, as well as some from previous (and I mean waaay previous) generations. As far as I know, the Ripten staff doesn’t have any fanboys.

            Xbox has (had?) RRODs, XBL payments and no Blu-Ray.
            PS3 is expensive, has a lame controller, and is lacking in online play compared to XBL.
            Wii has horrible graphics and “waggle”.

            Every console has faults, just like every console excels at something. No one here is a blind fanboy.

          • dfgbdfgfsl gfsdaf vcvdafgfsaf poewtfgf adfoejrfbv sddfj werweh kiwer ihjwer iweflhj fewaifef hkiwer

            Sorry about that. I just wanted to see what my writing would look like if I pretended to be a blind fanboy. It’s not pretty. :D

  6. sounds like james loves his “Whaaa burgers and french cries”
    “Im a xbot and have a xbot vagina”

    I’m betting james is the type of gamer that call everyone “gay or a F*ggOt” when he dies

    • Relax is your name try and live by it, Peace Brother, if you don’t have facts don’t post all you are doing is attacking me personally lol and making assumptions based on your own short sightedness.

      After owning a PS1, PS2, PS3, N64, Dreamcast, XBOX, XBOX 360 and a very powerfull PC that puts them all to bed I would say I can have a fair opinion on the matter and as a network tech I would say im well informed. LOL personal attacks are the last stand of a desperate man

      • haha calm down .
        Im just pointing out the fact that your crying (alot) Im not a fanboy in any way. Nor am i trolling, but from your post

        “PS Chad Lakkis I would Let All My Frustrations Out To but only for not buying an XBOX”

        you ride MS like groupie.

        dont start talking about consoles superiority , talk to me when you have owned or played. naw just having seen one in person.

        nes, snes (super Famicom), gameboy, N64, DS, gamecube, Wii
        sega master system, Game Gear , genesis, 32x sega cd, Saturn Dreamcast
        Turbo graphx 16 , Turbo graphx express
        Snk Neo-Geo
        ps1 ps2 ps3,PSP
        Xbox , 360

        and a few that i forgot.

        man i thought it was bad when it was NES vs Sega.

        Hate, dont hate do what you like.

        im starting to like rip-ten.

        chad, i like your style. the haterade just keeps pouring in.

        • Double Dribble. Best basketball game ever. It was so good that the NBA now allows for … you guessed it.

          The only problem was, back then (1987) there were some heated debates between the newspaper fanboys posting fake help wanted ads in support of their favorite version.

          I can still remember seeing one Commodore 64 owner talking down to an NES gamer. The specifics aren’t clear anymore (as it is many years later) but I’m pretty sure it had something to do with claims of higher lines of resolution.

          Oh those Commodore fanboys. Those were the days.

          Thanks for the comment.

  7. It is a good read but I am still thinking nintendo should have won. They had something for everyone too.
    -New hardware
    -New games, casual and hardcore
    -Great revivals(dkc) and new twists to older ip (kirby)
    -Proper third party support for launch
    -Laughs (the 3ds video because they could show actual 3ds)

    But most importantly Iwata annual 10 minute Blue ocean buzz word management speech was reduced to a former shadow because he actually had things to announce. Yes he managed to throw in some buzz words but he actually had mainly title that needed to be shown to a point where we ended out hearing about alot of anouncement for new first party game after their press conference

    • Hey Rob,

      The Nintendo version of this will be posted tomorrow. We had originally assigned it to Rangebar but made a last minute switch to Sam in order to allow Range to focus more on his E3 2010 previews.

      So look for a “Why Nintendo ‘Won’ E3 2010” post complete with all the British flare that makes Sam so special tomorrow.

      Thanks for the comment.