Just when you thought you were finally safe from the dastardly clutches of E3 2010 news, the monster emerges from the hole and drags you back in again! Alright, so what if the E3 news is far from over — I really wanted to use that as a lead in. Anyway, this news isn’t about a game release, or development team announcing a new title, this is about some pretty awesome awards handed out to publishers, developers and gamers alike.

First cab off the record rank was awarded to EA’s Peter Moore, the El Presidento of EA Sports. He received awards for both Best Selling Soccer Video Game Franchise (FIFA) and Earliest Console Sports MMO (NHL09) and another award for Longest Running Sports Game Franchise (Madden NFL). I can’t help but think to myself, isn’t an award for the earliest type of a game a bit redundant, because unless Doc and Marty McFly take you on a trip it’s impossible to beat?

Handed over to Microsoft and its plethora of executives was an award for Best-selling High Definition Console, which is obviously the Xbox 360. Take a guess how many consoles have been sold? If you said 40 million units as of March 31st 2010 you should be entering lotto as that was a perfect guess. I think that number will rise quite a bit with the release of Kinect and the new Xbox 360 S this year.

Sony’s Vice President, Scott Rohde accept record awards for LittleBigPlanet having the most Most User-Generated Levels sitting a healthy 2,463,073. Sony also took home Best Selling PS3 Platform Game in the form of Uncharted 2, whilst MAG netted them the Most Players in a Console FPS record with 256 people being able to play at once.

As E3 is the centrepoint of gaming announcements and information, it is only fitting that people go there to rock out and smash previously set records, right? Well that’s what Danny Johnson, a gaming prodigy did as he set a new high score on Guitar Hero 5, racking up 913,316 points in one song. His brother Scott Johnson also set a record clocking in 1,759,000 points for the Guitar Hero 5 – Drums record. And as everyone knows, combining two awesome things makes something ultra awesome, so the brothers teamed up to set a new Highest Co-op Score Guitar Hero 5 – Drums & Guitar record, racking up 4,442,161 points.

Gaz Deazes, Gaming Editor of Guinness said;

“”E3 is the place to see the best new games, products and ideas coming from the video game industry, so it made perfect sense to honor these incredibly successful and presciently innovative companies at the trade show where everybody brings their ‘A’ game.”