So there you are. Microsoft has finally released their controller-free peripheral, Kinect, into the mass market. You’ve just bought one for yourself and finished hooking it up, and invite all your friends and family to see what the future brings as you operate your Xbox 360 with nothing more than the sound of your voice…

…only to find out that every single one of them is a smart aleck who wants in on the action, shouting out all sorts of commands to either cancel each other out, or perhaps confuse and burn out your new investment.

And that’s just the beginning of the things that can– and likely will– go wrong. To see what other situations Microsoft may not have foreseen, check out the full chart of Kinect’s intended uses versus what will probably happen in at least one U.S. household over at

But, on the bright side? At least no remotes will be thrown across the living room. At least, not until gramps gets fed up with not being able to get this new WiiStation 590 to show him the weather.