If you follow Metal Gear very much at all, then you have more than likely seen comments or comparisons which liken series protagonist Solid Snake to another Snake who is fairly well known among movie aficionados.

“Oh, ‘Snake,’ like the guy in Escape from L.A.,” one might say. Or perhaps “he was totally based on John Carpenter’s Snake.” Or, worst of all, someone might just flat-out say he’s a rip-off.

Certainly, Carpenter’s Snake did indeed inspire Kojima’s. But what may not be as well known is that Carpenter himself gave Kojima his blessing to draw that inspiration for his video game character, though it came a little later than one might expect.

Though Solid Snake has been infiltrating enemy strongholds since 1987, it was prior to the creation of 1998’s Metal Gear Solid:

“[Hideo Kojima] has written me and asked me for my blessing on the game and I wrote him back [to say] how about it?” said Carpenter. “He’s a very nice man.”

Why the late decision to suddenly ask permission? It’s difficult to say, though Metal Gear Solid‘s introduction of voice acting and more detailed characters and story might have been a factor.

Since then, Carpenter has tried his own hand at video game creation, and is currently at work on the story for Warner Bros.’ first-person shooter horror title F.3.A.R .

But, what if Carpenter were to decide to bring the world of his Escape movies into the realm of interactive entertainment? Is the video game world big enough for two Snakes?

Source: CVG (via MTV Multiplayer)