I don’t make any bones about the fact I think Modern Warfare 2 was the most overrated game in recent history and that it’s universal and nearly unquestioning praise among the video game journalism community is an egregious mistake and a perfect representation of what exactly is wrong with this industry. I might just think that because, to me, BlazBlue was game of the year last year and it makes me want to stomp my feet, make pouty faces, and yell at people that I seemed to be the only person who thought that. At least the servers worked at launch.

Anyway, since BlazBlue helped lend to my blinding hatred of Modern Warfare 2, it is only natural that I be quite excited for it’s sequel, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. For those who aren’t familiar with it, BlazBlue was the ‘other’ fighting game that came out last year and has been accused by people who have no idea what they are talking about as just being a Street Fighter clone. That could not be more off base. BlazBlue is pure distilled essence of anime in fighting game form. Everything from the varied characters, to the acid trip of an interface and HUD, to the story mode that throws more time travel and plot twists at you than, well, an anime, this was just a wholly original game that hit every mark it set for itself. I’ll go on record saying that the sequel will be just as good, and probably better. It’s very rare that I look forward to the continuation of a story in a fighting game, but BlazBlue definitely has me doing that.

The only thing I don’t like is that, Famitsu has confirmed that there will be two characters available at launch in a DLC package for Arc System Works piece of art. While I may get an eye twitch over “extra” content being made available for all our nickles and dimes at launch when it probably could have been in the final product anyway, I understand that the title was probably gold a good while ago. It is hard not to be a little bit bothered even when attempting to be logical since the DLC for the last BlazBlue was so infuriatingly awful that it actually made me agree with Jim Sterling about a subject, which is not something I like to do very often.

While there is no word on the price, the new characters that will be available on July 1st in Japan and July 27th in ‘Merica will be the returning Nu, who was removed from Continuum Shift initially and probably just gave people who played BlazBlue online ‘Nam style flashbacks about endless spamming, and the squirrel lady Makoto, who will do well on capturing the ‘creepy socially inept furry’ demographic. On the internet, I’m pretty sure that demographic is about as big as the 18-25 year olds now. Furries are more loyal to anthropomorphic perversions than kamikaze pilots were loyal to the emperor, so BlazBlue: Continuum Shift is probably going to make infinite dollars if they just keep adding DLC characters with tails and tits.

[Source: Moetron via Famitsu]


  1. Makoto release date: August 5th
    Japan release date: July 1st
    Makoto should have been on the disc? Hardly.

    Plus, they’re doing more DLC characters after this. You want them to just postpone the release date to october?
    They’re switching to working on guilty gear after blazblue, so the characters+balance patch are meant to give the game extra life while they switch work.

  2. Uh..Makoto’s a squirrel girl, not a furry. Furries resemble anthromorphic animals, not human girls with animal tails and ears. That’d be like calling Morrigan from DarkStalkers a ‘furry bat girl’ just because she has bat wings.

  3. Am I the only one that thinks, why would I buy DLC characters when they’re just going to be on the next game, and if this is anything like the previous series, Guilty Gear, then there will be a thousand of these games which will be a good thing until they stray from the original formula

  4. My opinion on the matter is simple: I love continuum shift. I’ve played it every day since release, and if it’s anything like the original Blazblue I’ll be playing it long after (I’m addicted to the new bang… that loincloth touch to the finisher is wonderfully hilarious, and I’m already nearing 100 matches played online, plus and almost completed gallery.)

    As I play the game more an more, I will become bored of the characters in the game, and crave something different for online play. DLC characters will give me something different for online play, and revitalize my love for the game as if it were the first day of its release.

    Many are like, “Noo! Character DLC sux!”, but personally I love this kind of DLC. Having an entirely new character in my roster is another character to spend hours mastering, and another countlessly long series of online sessions with the game. Essentially, it helps me get more out of my game.