Up until I actually made it to E3 2010, I was pretty ambivalent about Bulletstorm.  Sure it looked pretty badass from afar, but as a PC gamer and an avid Crytek fan, I was still way more psyched about Crysis 2.  That was until I actually got my hands on Bulletstorm.

Let’s compare.  Crysis 2 is the technically marvelous sequel to the most technically marvelous FPS ever created by Crytek … Crysis.  Bulletstorm is the new and original IP from Epic and People Can Fly that features over-the-top arcade style action and encourages you to, “kill with skill.”  Both games look great, both games play great, both games are bloody and violent, both games are being published by EA.  But these are two very different games.

Crysis 2 is the follow up to the game that only hardcore PC gamers ever got to play and everyone else only got to hear about.  Here’s the skinny in case you didn’t already know.  You’re a super soldier, you have a nanosuit, this suit allows you to run faster, jump higher, go invisible, and take more damage.  In Crysis you had to deal with some badass aliens on an island … now those badass aliens are invading New York City . . . but not if you and your awesome skin tight nanosuit have anything to say about it.  I’d tell you more, but how’s about I let some video and imagery do the talking for me?

Yes, This Is What Crysis 2 Actually Looks Like

And here’s the demo we all saw at E3 2010.  I swear Grand Central Station never looked so good, even when being destroyed by aliens.  Note that this is the 360 version, and the PC version will look even better!

Now you might be saying, “Wow, that does look pretty badass!” and you’d be right … but you haven’t seen Bulletstorm yet.  While Crysis 2 is a technical marvel and will satisfy hardcore gamers and casuals alike, Bulletstorm takes the FPS genre and cranks up the sick-o-meter to 11 with insane arcade style, balls-to-the-wall fun gameplay.

In Bulletstorm you play some macho motherfucker named Grayson Hunt, narrowly surviving a crash landing and now stranded on the abandoned paradise planet of Stygia (Way cooler than Pandora).  You will find yourself surrounded by hordes of mutants and flesh-eating gangs, and will have to survive on two objectives: get off the planet alive and exact revenge on the man who sent you there.  Seems easy enough, right?  A game like this doesn’t even need a story.  They might as well just drop you into the first level and say, GET SOME!!

The whole genius behind Bulletstorm is the skillshot system.  Basically this is a system that rewards you with points based on how creative your kills are.  The more points you rack up, the more you can upgrade your weapons and skills.  The more you upgrade you weapons and skills, the more creative your kills will be.  The more creative your kills are, the more points you rack up . . . I think you get the idea.  Epic refers to this as the, “circle of awesome”, and quite frankly it is.  But once again, don’t take my word for it  … check out the media below!

"Kill With Skill To Rack Up Points, Rack Up Points To Do Cool Shit"

And here’s the demo we all saw at E3 2010

So which one of these badass shooters does it for you?  Is it the gorgeous realism and magnificent gameplay of Crysis 2?  Or is it the over the top action and maniacal fun of Bulletstorm?  Either way I think it’s fair to say that EA is packing one hell of a one-two punch when it comes to shooters, and if you can’t get excited about at least one of these games … then you need a fucking lobotomy.

Crysis 2 drops Q4 2010 and Bulletstorm will hit shelves sometime in 2011

By the way, if anyone out there can prove that you beat my E3 2010 Bulletstorm Demo Score, you win a prize!!  Good Luck … yer gonna need it.


    • Hey AC!D,

      We didn’t get to play Crysis 2, but three of us got time with Bulletstorm, and while you may or may not like the look of the game, Bulletstorm is far from generic looking. I was impressed with the high level of detail Crysis displayed back in 2007, but I’ve always been more into things that have their own style.

      As my professor once said while looking at a photo realistic drawing I did in college, “If I wanted a picture, I’d take a picture.” That always stuck with me.

      Thanks for the comment.