NBA Jam for Wii is bringing back that classic arcade experience. The two-on-two basketball game features all the fun of the original like crazy dunks, insane blocks, fast-paced action, and now with the Wii’s motion controls.

I got some great hands-on time with NBA Jam on the E310 EA show floor and had a blast with the game. I played two games as the Los Angeles Laker’s Kobe Bryant and Paul Gasol (2010 NBA Champions, by the way). The game has a great number of not only current players, but also legends such as Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

Like I said earlier, the game plays really fast, but getting used to the motion controls was pretty easy and quick to learn. Shooting requires an up-and-down action on the Wiimote, while jumping and/or blocking requires you to flick the Wiimote up. Other controls such as passing, stealing, shoving, etc. were assigned to buttons . The only area that I had difficulty with was stealing the ball (and getting the ball stolen from me). The game is, once again, extremely fast-paced so it’s hard sometimes to get a good, hard shove on an opponent as he’s blazing right past you with that turbo button, but it’s also easy to run into someone consistently swatting at the ball.

While NBA Jam excelled with bringing back great arcade action and used the Wii motion controls to perfection, it sorely lacked in the graphics department. The game’s visuals are not impressive one bit. With other EA showings with excellent graphics such as Dead Space 2 and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit at its E3 2010 booth, NBA Jam just looked hideous. Even compared to other Wii games, the graphics were very mediocre. In short, the graphics are really out dated and I’m hoping EA can polish the visuals up before it’s released.

Other than the poor graphics, I really can’t find anything else I didn’t like about the game and my time with NBA Jam was fun. It’s a great choice for some quick and exciting gameplay, especially with three other friends. In the end the game is a super fun time that’s great for all gamers because NBA Jam is one of those kind of sports games that’s fun for people that aren’t even fans of the real sport. That’s how fun the game really is. Look out for NBA Jam for Wii this October.