While certainly, E3 is a place people will go to meet people– say, one game developer, journalist, etc. hoping to catch up with another they’ve only spoken with online, for example– it has typically not been perceived as an event people go to in order to really meet people.

That is, until now.

Much to the amusement (or perhaps “amazement”) of Game Informer’s Dan Ryckert, it appears that the “Missed Connections” section of the Los Angeles chapter of Craigslist has been featuring a number of people who are apparently hoping to get the most out of their time trying out that 3DS demo.

Some samples:


You were kicking everyone’s ass while I was cheering you on. Then it was my turn up. You watched for a bit then disappeared. I think you were a photographer. I really wanted to talk to you more and give you my number. I was the guy in dark brown camo pants. My buddy was standing next to you he died like every level. I made it through to the end and gave the victory pose. Long shot but just thought i’d try this. Any girl that can kick ass at games like that I’d love to hang out with.

Jun 18 – Capcom 1942 Booth Babe wearing pantyhose – m4w – 40

E3 this week. Capcom 1942 booth babe – the one wearing suntan pantyhose with her costume. I want to get your number. I would love to take you out and get to know you. Please contact me here.

We wish these folks the best of luck in their respective endeavors, but we’re sure they don’t need it.

Want to see more listings? Knock yourself out. The selection seems to have thinned out a bit from Game Informer’s initial report, but with one ad placed as recently as yesterday, you can never be sure when someone else will gather up the nerve to go for the gold and fulfill their dreams.

“Can love bloom on the showroom floor, Snake?”

“…shut up, Otacon.”


    • Uhhh that’s not really how the “missed connections” thing works Dave, though at the rate those girls got sick when you tried calling them, I’m not sure you really “connected” with any. Har har har.