If there’s one thing David Jaffe has taught me (and there is only one thing) it’s that whenever he tells us something, we should assume the exact opposite. That said, since David Jaffe has said that he wants to make a PSN-exclusive low-budget slasher movie based around Sweet Tooth, we should assume that David Jaffe does not want to make a PSN-exclusive Sweet-Tooth movie, and does not like movies at all.

The news comes courtesy of Jaffe’s Twitter account, the direct source for such Jaffe Gems™ as these.

By the way, the Sweet Tooth PSN thing I want us to do is a MOVIE on PSN, like THE TESTER in terms of exclusive PSN programming…not a game. I want us to make an honest to goodness, low budget slasher movie and sell it on PSN exclusive. Peeps saying we are making a PSN Sweet Tooth GAME got it wrong.

I would not be surprised if Sony announced a PSN Sweet Tooth game in the next month. I’m not going to say that Jaffe is a horrible developer, or anything- he makes great games. But he’s also very arrogant, and kind of a dick at times. Again, though, he makes great games. David Jaffe truly is the Kanye West of the gaming industry.