Let’s face it, Castlevania has never successfully made the transition from 2D to 3D.  While Konami continues to release great 2D incarnations of Castlevania across multiple platforms, it’s safe to say that almost every attempt at a 3D Castlevania … has flopped.  However, it’s our opinion, that all of that is about to change. We got hands on with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow at E3 2010, and we’re here to tell you that so far, it looks so good.

First and foremost, introductions are in order.  Meet Gabriel Belmont and The Lords of Shadow in this “epic” E3 2010 trailer.  And yes, that is Sir Patrick Stewart you’re hearing amongst the rest of the great voice acting in this game.

Very epic, very dark, very … Kojima? That’s right, Hideo Kojima, of Metal Gear Solid fame, has been involved with overseeing Lords of Shadow from day one.  That may explain the added cinematic flair and dramatic overtones . Not that I mind, as far as I’m concerned Kojima is, and always has, equaled “win.”

Now, of course we have our share of doubts, but after getting our hands on Lords of Shadow, it was hard to deny how damn good this game looked and played.  See for yourself.

I get the feeling there's monsters in there.
Baby, don't look at me like that. No, seriously! You're freaking me out.
The bigger they are ...

The game looks incredible and will get obvious comparisons to God of War 3 and the like, due to it’s visuals and similar style of play.  The cinematic flair is only compounded upon by the intense and visceral combat which makes good ‘ol fashioned Belmont whip cracking a more enjoyable experience than ever.

Konami has not made the controls overly difficult or overly simplified for that matter. You simply chain together attacks and grabs to rack up menacing, brutal and bloody kills.  The whole experience makes for some very fast paced, gory gameplay which will keep you on your toes with your eyes peeled to the screen for all 25+ hours of promised gameplay.  Watch below as I take on the first boss of Lords of Shadow right on the floor during E3 2010.

Are you not entertained!? Stick with us for more updates on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow as it approaches its Fall 2010 release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


  1. “Are you not entertained!?”

    “Dance for us!”

    *does a little dance* “There, are you not entertained!?”

    “Tell a joke!”


  2. yes this is the sh* I’ve been waiting for.

    I’ve only played Super Castlenvia 4 on SNES.

    I tried the 3d version on N64 which was a complete piece of trash.

    this is it!