DJ Hero and all its fans who spent their hard earned cash for the game that uses turntable controllers have got themselves a sequel. One of the keys to success with DJ Hero was how great the soundtrack was, and for the sequel Activision has found even more musical artists who want to be involved with the game. DJ Hero 2 already has an announced lineup of great music featuring Deadmau5, DJ Z-Trip, Eminem, Rihanna, Usher, and a number of other big names.

I got some brief hands-on time with DJ Hero 2 behind closed doors at Activision’s E3 booth. I got to play one song, which was a mix of Nelly’s “Hot in Here” and Warren G’s “Regulators”, which was a dope-ass blend. Most of the gameplay and controls are still the same, but a there are of course some new features and upgrades. A creative new freestyle element has been added that gives players control over cross-fading between the two tracks playing for a short period. This addition gives you the opportunity to use creative DJ elements as you now have more control over the songs. You can also play with a mic now and go along with the lyrics to the song, like karaoke.

DJ Hero 2 is obviously a great game to have around with friends and when you’re just chillin’, the music itself is a good enough reason to start the game. That being said, DJ Hero 2 introduces a new party mode where the game basically becomes a music player with an endless set of songs. Whenever anyone wants to play they turn on the turntable controller and hop-in without a break in the music. It works the same way when you stop playing.

The multiplayer in DJ Hero 2 really shines, as upgrades have been made to DJ battle mode. During these back and forth battles, there are parts where you can grab the music from the other DJ, the quickest one to draw gets it. Once you’ve grabbed the music, it’s like a freestyle session for you to add your own spin to the song. But getting there first doesn’t necessarily mean it’s yours for long. The other DJ has a chance for a steal as the music changes, like when the track calls for some DJ effects.

DJ Hero 2 is shaping up to be a great game, with great music, and that’s a perfect match. While I didn’t play the first game a whole lot, DJ Hero 2 totally blew me away with what it had to offer in terms of awesome music, fun gameplay and new features. I really enjoyed the few minutes I had with the game and and look forward to playing it when it comes out this fall for the 360, PS3 and Wii.

Oh, and there’s a great bundle of the game coming out too, at least for those who don’t already own a turntable controllers. The bundle includes DJ Hero 2, two turntable controllers and a microphone, all for $150. Now that’s something I’m really thinking about saving up for.