The 3DS is an amazing piece of hardware, no one can deny that. But without a quality game lineup, it will be hard to convince people to buy it. Nintendo announced a strong lineup of third-party games last week at E3, but outside of Kid Icarus and a few other ports, their first party lineup was a bit lacking.

Luckily, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has laid to rest fears that this signals a departure from first-party games:

“In terms of our own internal software development, we will be devoting much of our resources to support Nintendo 3DS. From our historical perspective, since we thought it is obvious that first-party software lineup needs to support the new platform to expand its installed base, we did not emphasize that in our [E3] presentation. We will of course introduce quality first-party software.”

Iwata also confirmed that Nintendo is already developing titles internally. With the 3DS confirmed to ship by the end of March 2011, let’s hope that this means a well-rounded lineup for launch!


  1. my friend told me about the 3ds today so I looked into it and I found it. for my birthday I want it relly bad from jack

  2. day one buy for me. maby theyll include a game of choice too! i hope i can get KingdomHearts3D the day of release plus animalcrossing sims 3 and ocarina of time(although i wont feel the memories of beating it as a kid because i just re-beat the game 2days ago so its fresh in my mind. maby ill forget my march11.) you know what i meant by that was like watching a movie twice in a row it kinda lose some of the magic. but if you wait a while it comes back :)

  3. I sincerely hope they redesign this puppy, soupe it up. Right now, its looking more like the original DS than the others. I’m getting old! Give me a bigger screen! I would imagine something between the dsi and dsiXL screen sizes would suffice.

  4. a year and a half later, cancellations, delays, circle pad pro add-ons, price-drop (which is nice). The first 3ds game worth having, that will really put the system through its paces will be coming out.