With Kaz Hirai recently downplaying the importance of 3D visuals in a handheld system by focusing on it’s limitations in interviews, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that Sony isn’t heavily concerned in the PSP making the jump to 3D anytime soon. During an interview with IndustryGamers, Sony Worldwide Studios VP Scott Rohde has made it clear that they aren’t planning on applying the technology to their recently flagging handheld.

When asked directly, Scott Rodhe had this to say;


Well, can’t argue with that. In the same interview, he also went on to say that Sony isn’t ready to make any announcements about a PSP2 either. If one were a more negative person, they might think that this represents a sort of indifference towards the handheld market from Sony’s viewpoint. Maybe even a concession that the Nintendo DS, and the future 3DS, might have the upperhand and that Sony would rather focus on pushing the console market, and by proxy the television market, towards adopting 3D technology much like they did with Blu-Ray and HD. A more positive person could be quick to point out that the PSP is a very capable system that suffered through some media and marketing setbacks, and that Sony’s investment in a new marketing campaign for their handheld is actually proof that they think there is still more life to get out of the system without having to send it to obsolescence by announcing it’s successor, and that they may just be waiting to see how the 3D thing turns out for the Nintendo DS before they invest their rupees in it too.

[Source: IndustryGamers]