Free Realms, the little MMO that could (and by little I mean supported by one of the biggest video game companies in the known galaxy) has surpassed the 12 million registered players mark. That means that it now boasts a larger population than Greece, Cuba, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Israel, and a whole bunch of other countries that aren’t quite as family friendly as Free Realms.

This is a pretty huge feat, especially when considering 4 million of those people have flocked to the game in the last four months. Those are huge gains more than a year after it’s debut. Of course, it really is marketing brilliance and shouldn’t be entirely surprising it’s gaining population quicker than a stronghold of Quiverfull wackos. Not only is it geared towards a family friendly environment, but it’s also free, and free is about all anybody can afford in our economy right now. If I remember correctly, World of Warcraft has about that in monthly subscribers. I could just Google it to make sure but I’m busy watching the Last Starfighter and I didn’t really pay much attention in any of my classes that taught us anything about journalistic standards- which means if this games journalism thing fails, I could write for the New York Times. While WoW is a pay model and Free Realms lives off of everybody’s favorite controlled extortion method, microtransactions, this is still a pretty monumental moment in the games community. One can only imagine how much this number is going to balloon when the inevitable occurs and Free Realms is accessible through the PS3.

I personally couldn’t get into it. I can’t even watch WWE because it’s geared towards kids nowadays. My red blooded American blood-thirst just runs too deep.

[Source: That Videogame Blog]