For gamers familiar with the game paddocks, where you join up four dots to segregate a portion of the playing field, Fortix will seem warmly familiar and you will immediately have a firm grasp of the concept within the game.

Fortix is a strategy and arcade game mixed into one, offering players a simple yet challenging experience that I can’t recall ever seeing before. Developed and Published by Nemesys Team Studio for Steam, Fortix revolves around a fantasy land currently in the overthrows of evil occupancy. It is of course up to the heroic knight to save the kingdom and that is your cue.

Players are presented with a large map, that contains a minimum of one fort, and usually one dragon. To capture the fort players must slowly obtain pieces of land by drawing a line with their knight, then connecting that line to the edge of the map, which in turn captures the portion of land that was just cut off. Sound easy? Well of course it does, but that’s the idea. The real challenge from Fortix lies within the various creatures and buildings getting in your way.

When you move your knight around to capture pieces of the land, a flashing line emits from your backside and this is the line that you need to extend to another edge of the map, whether it be straight across the level, or only a small portion. If anything evil comes into contact with this, you lose a life. On the maps protecting forts are towers with a cannon inside them. They shoot balls and if the balls come into contact with your line, you die. Couple this with dragons always flying around the map, and at times six or seven towers, and you really have a challenge on your hands.

You could then revoke to a strategy of only capturing tiny segments of the map, but then you get less points. If you want to kill a dragon, you need to draw a line around them, then join that up with the map. To kill a tower, you need to draw a line around a trigger placed on the map somewhere. Little things like this sound simple in writing but are really hard to carry out at times, because certain areas like mud and water slow your movement speed down a whole heap.

To counter act the slow movement zones there is various power ups placed around the map that when captured give you special abilities like faster movement, or even killing a dragon. There is also bonus lives, which you will need.

Each level can be completed sometimes with five minutes, and that goes for nearly all of them, although some areas have two or three forts that need to be captured. I think Fortix could definitely benefit from some post launch content add-ons in the future, and hopefully the developer brings them out. All in all there is 36 levels spread across 12 difficulty settings, each playthrough unlocking a new difficulty.

Graphically the game isn’t anything amazing, but it is something unique at the same time. The graphical style reminds me of an oil painting, and it is nice to look at. Something I had a laugh about was the fact my computer was running the game at 1400 frames per second. Also mixed in a nice soundtrack that doesn’t get annoying or repetitive. The steam achievements are well balanced and obtainable, and I would be happy to play through the game numerous times just to get them.

Fortix is definitely a fun game, and for only five bucks I think everyone should have this in their library. If you’re quick you can pick it up as part of the huge Summer Sale that is taking place on Steam right now.

The Rundown:

+ Fun, simple and addictive gameplay elements
+ Definitely room for downloadable content

– Extremely short
– Very shallow gameplay

Fortix was developed by Nemesys Team Studios and published by Nemesys Team Studios for the PC. The game released in the United States on June 14th 2010 with a retail price of $4.95 USD. The copy used in this review was for the PC and sent to us by Nemesys Team Studios. The game was played to completion for the purpose of this review. Specs of the PC used are as follows: Asus M2A74-AM-SE Motherboard, AMD Quad Core 630 @ 2.81ghz, HIS 5750 1GB DDR5, 4GB RAM, Tritton AX720 Dolby Digital 5.1 Headset, Windows 7 (64 Bit).