Have you ever dreamt of being able to tweet your friends and family from the arcade? Imagined all the time you’d save not having to run to the computer, or reach into your pocket for a phone in order to let your loved ones know how great the game you just played was?

Well, according to an article published on The Official Virtua Fighter Website, your dream has finally come true thanks to SEGA and their new Virtua Fighter 5 arcade machine — assuming you live in Japan. The fifth installment of SEGA’s well known fighting franchise will apparently have the ability to tweet built right in.

You’ll of course need to have access to one of the many arcades found in Japan, a Twitter, and a link between said Twitter account and your Virtua Fighter 5 (VF.net) account. Once fully connected, you’ll be able to tweet game progress and other various information to your legion of followers. And if you don’t have any Twitter supporters, the write up also states that you’ll be able to  use the VF.net service to follow (or unfollow) your recent opponents.

The unit is currently being displayed in small private sessions, and outside of a few details slipping through the cracks, not much else is really known in terms of specifics. We’ll keep you posted on this as more information surfaces.

[Official VF Site via Versus City]