Do you want to make $150 a day doing nothing but playing video games and drinking soda, regardless of a college education? Well do ya, punk!?

Don’t you go anywhere! You sit your fat, soda-guzzlin’ ass in that chair for two lousy minutes while I tell you about the most amazing job opportunity of a lifetime! Where are you going? Get back here!

If you decide to get a job in videogame testings, the most awesomest job in the world, you will:

  • Get to Play NEW Video Games (Whoa!)
  • Get PAID to Play NEW Video Games (This keeps getting better!)
  • Get PAID to Play UNRELEASED Video Games before anyone else (Holy hell I didn’t think it could get any better!)
  • Get FREE Copies of Video Games (You mean the one I’ve been playing for six months straight?)
  • Get Cheat Codes, Level Secrets, and other “bugs” that only game testers know about. (Do those even exist in the information age?)
  • Get vital Real-World experience working with various departments such as development, marketing, manufacturing, and get “your foot in the door” to this industry. (I’m going to get my foot in your ass.)

But wait! You might not want this radical job if you HATE videogames. Oh, you don’t? Then you definitely want this job. And you’re almost kind of a little bit but not really guaranteed to make at least $20/hour to start off! And the sky is the limit! That’s right! After a few years testing games, you might be making the sky/hour!

This is the greatest job ever created. What will it take for you to believe me? A polygraph?! I’ll do it!

Alright, enough of your bullshit, you dastardly website. Game testing is a job, that’s for sure. Will you test awesome games? At some point in your career, probably. You will, however, cut your teeth on games like Winx Club, Sims Online, Michelle Kwan Figure Skating, My Frogger Toy Trials, and Girl’s Only Secret Diary. These are all games friends of mine have tested.

If you want a career in game development, than yes, get a job in game testing. And it will probably be just as shitty as any entry-level job, at least for a while. But it will get your foot in the door. The website doesn’t lie about that. There seems to be this weird game being played by the industry where they continue to pretend that being a game tester is an absolutely amazing job when everybody is completely aware that it’s not.

I included the above website screenshot so that you could see what the website looks like without actually going to it. Not only is the information there completely misleading, but it’s offering a pay service/guide that helps you land game testing jobs, if I’m understanding it correctly. It’s not very clear. What is clear is that plently of people have gotten game testing jobs by applying like normal adults rather than going through some shady service.

In the interest of fairness, the link to the site in question is below. Before clicking it, please note two things:

1 – This is one of those sites where, if you close it or navigate away, they ask “ARE YOU SUUUUUUURE” and take you to some other page with other offers.

2 – This site really, really sucks.


  1. I think it’s really unfair to game testers themselves when they portray the job this way, like they have it really easy and don’t do any actually work. My game tester friends work their asses off.

    • Noooooooooooooo!! Wait. They get free soda. Demi, I’ll pick you up in 10. We can blow this Popsicle stand together and move to LA to be game testers … and someday, maybe we’ll make the sky/per hour!!!

      • You guys are going about this the wrong way. What you should do is wait until they actually have a REALITY SHOW based on competing to become a video game tester.

        Then you…

        Wait, they already did that?

        Well, I’ll see you guys later, I’m going to go jump off a bridge.

    • Being a game tester isn’t that bad, but it generally does not pay that well. I was a tester for over 3 years and I worked everywhere from: Nintendo, Microsoft, Gas Powered Games, a testing company called Game Instinct and finally Big Fish Games. They all have free soda (I don’t drink soda) and some have free snacks. I have to say Gas Powered Games was pretty awesome and I got a copy of Supreme Commander from Chris Taylor himself.

  2. I also forgot to mention that you generally go through a temp agency to be a game tester and Nintendo uses some of the worst. When I was there I was only making about 10 bucks an hour.