No wonder Apple CEO Steve Jobs is smiling; the iPhone 4 launched just 3 days ago, and already it’s sold 1.7 million phones. Steve calls it “the company’s most successful product launch ever”. And they could have sold even more if it weren’t for product shortages. Digitimes reported a rumor that component suppliers for the device are overwhelmed and will continue to have shortages into the forseeable future. So if you see an iPhone 4 on the shelf, you might want to grab it; it won’t last long.

The iPhone 4’s launch hasn’t been without it’s problems. Signal degradation is a real problem when users accidentally cover the antenna with their hand, which is located in the metal trim around the device. The solution? Hold your phone awkwardly or buy a case from Apple. Gizmodo also received a leaked iPhone 4 prototype and posted pictures all over the web, which really stole a lot of Steve’s thunder during the WWDC keynote.

AT&T has done a lot to help the new phone’s sales by accelerating iPhone 4 elgibility. Basically, anyone who is eligible for an upgrade anytime for the rest of this year can upgrade to the new iPhone immediately. Couple that with new, cheaper data packages and the iPhone 4 is more accessible than ever.

[Via PCWorld]