The Android operating system is definitely made for geeks, by geeks. And here’s the proof: a Mario Live Wallpaper, created by developer C.C.C. Creations!

On the Android phones, a live wallpaper is an interactive or moving wallpaper. The Mario Live Wallpaper features classic levels of Super Mario World from the SNES, being played by an AI on the background of your phone. The app is not the most practical, as the AI and the amount of motion in the background of the screen has a tendency to drain the battery, and it doesn’t help that I sit and stare at it for long periods of time either. It’s completely customizable, from the levels being played, to the speed at which it runs. The wallpaper only works on Android 2.1+, and runs smoothly on my Droid Incredible, but I don’t know that I would recommend it for people with lower-powered Android phones.

This app brings back fond memories for me. Super Mario World was my first video game, and seeing Mario run across my phone’s background is pretty nostalgic. The creator is giving it away for free in the Android Market, but it doesn’t hurt to drop a donation his way if you can. Here’s hoping that that the developer continues to make such innovative apps! Download it right here.

[Thanks Android Central]