It appears that the days of Nintendo’s virtual monopoly on oldschool video game systems that weren’t made by them may be coming to an end.

Tipped off by a reader, Kotaku reports that the PlayStation Portable has received a firmware update (6.30, for those curious) which brings a little something extra to the table: two new sub-folders in the system’s Games folder. As seen above, one is marked “NEOGEO,” and the other “PCEngine,” which was the Japanese name for NEC’s TurboGrafx-16.

Both have been available on Japan’s PlayStation Store since March, and if the above image is accurate, then it seems we may be due to get some of that oldschool love as well. This, Kotaku notes, would also explain the recent rash of NEOGEO listings on the ESRB website.

Unfortunately, and we hate to be a killjoy about this, but there have been numerous PlayStation One games which have been available in Japan’s PlayStation Store that have not made their way here yet, despite the West having had the capability for quite some time. As such, well, the wait for TurboGrafx and NEOGEO fun on the go could still be a while yet.