The lights are still on, and we ain't admittin' to shit.

Duke Nukem Forever is like a really bad joke that people just can’t help themselves from telling on occasion, and considering the fact that 3D Realms Developer, George Broussard, wouldn’t confirm fan suspicions in a thread titled “DFN Cancelled?“on the company’s official forum, I’m unfortunately having to tell that joke to you right now.

Yes, it would seem that Duke Nukem Forever, is still alive and kicking. According to Broussard, fans should continue to hold on to hope (and their nearly ten year old pre-order slips), because of the “two facts” he shared in response:

“We haven’t said anything. This forum is still open.”

Well alright then! No official response and the ability to pay your hosting bill on time. That’s good enough for me. They just bought themselves another ten years!


    • And you know what Matthew? There’s a good chance that someday, your kids will also be reading about this game while watching Transformers and waiting for the school busy.

      Thanks for the comment.