As anyone who saw the presentations of Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony at E3 can attest, not everything went right, or well, for that matter. As malfunctions occurred and new titles were rolled out that also managed to roll eyes, one was left to wonder just what the people on stage were thinking. Alas, we may never know…

…that is, we would never know, were it not for the latest and greatest invention of our time (until the next one, that is), the TruthPhones™ from Mega64! Behold, as all such questions are no answered in crystal-clear clarity:

They definitely saved the best for last. Also, serious props for the VR Troopers reference. Hopefully, we’ll see an extended cut featuring the Konami and Ubisoft conferences at some point.

Now, we just need to pick up a few of these for next year.

Source: Mega64 (via Destructoid)