Nintendo Senior Managing Director Shigeru Miyamoto is in a unique position, in that his company would really rather he did not discuss his hobbies. Given that his pet dog and the simple act of weighing himself led to the best-selling titles Nintendogs and Wii Fit, it’s little wonder that Nintendo would rather he keep quiet, lest competing developers get wind of what could be the next big thing.

But during a recent shareholder question-and-answer session (referenced earlier), Miyamoto wound up going against the grain and revealing to shareholders (and, by way of transcription, to us) what he has been doing when not printing money for the Kyoto-based company:

“Also, I’m still full of energy. Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of things — continuing to work hard at swimming, for instance, and also having exchanges with school kids, doing such things a serving on a neighborhood youth guidance committee. I think that next year I can probably deliver something new.”

Recently, Miyamoto had even let it be known that he now has a pet cat. Lo and behold, what is revealed at E3? A sequel to Nintendogs… which also features cats. So naturally, you can expect a correlation between what Miyamoto is doing in his private life and Nintendo’s future release calendar.

As Miyamoto has been doing a lot of swimming, experts (who we shall not name, because we made them up) predict that Wii Swim could be next year’s big reveal at E3, if not at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

In addition, said experts have also noticed that Miyamoto has developed a habit of eating approximately three times a day, and expect Wii Eat to be another successful social gaming experiment. Furthermore, it has not escaped their attention that Miyamoto spends several hours sleeping each night. The consensus is split between a possible Wii Sleep title with Wii SleepPlus accessory, which would allow gamers to keep playing after drifting off, while others expect a more “core” offering in a contemporary take or sequel to Super Mario Bros. 2 (known as Super Mario USA in Japan, perhaps as a light-hearted jab at the “lazy American” stereotype).

Finally, the experts have also noticed that no matter what else Miyamoto is doing, he always appears to be… breathing. This has led to predictions of Wii Breathe, which would come with a Wii BreathSensor that would allow players to engage in different rhythm-based breathing mini-games.


In all seriousness, it’s simply amusing (if understandable) the way Miyamoto isn’t supposed to speak about his hobbies. Of course, even if he does, I don’t think it would do other developers much good, simply because other developers aren’t Miyamoto. Even when he shows them what to do, the quality usually tends to be miles apart.

Source: (for the Q&A transcript, at any rate) Andriasang


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