Yes you read the title right, Dead Rising 2 has made it past the prying eyes of the Office of Film and Literature Classification in Australia. Unlike it’s zombie shoot ’em up brethren Left 4 Dead 2, Dead Rising 2 made it through the classification process getting an MA15+ Rating for Strong Horror Violence, Blood and Gore, and Sexual References, which is still quite a rap sheet but a better  result than the title getting banned.

Set for release on September 30th 2010, Dead Rising 2 is set in Fortune City as it plays host to thousands of zombies looking for an express ticket to death. Players take the role of Chuck Greene as they improvise means of death and destruction upon the endless horde in their quest to survive for 72 hours in a no holds-barred dark comedic game.


  1. so let me get this straight.
    blowing zombies heads off in L4D2 is not ok for a MA rated game, but blowing zombies heads off in dead rising 2 is ok for a MA rated game?
    go figure!
    its official the OFLC is crooked!
    looks like valve did not offer them enough of a incentive if you know what i mean ;)