You were warned.

Now, the Club Nintendo year is officially over. And with that done, Nintendo has wasted no time in announcing what those who have attained the coveted Gold and Platinum status will receive by the end of the year.

As a reminder, last year saw those who attained Gold status receive an exclusive Club Nintendo calendar, while those who reached Platinum received their choice of a replica hat like the one Mario wears, or an exclusive downloadable WiiWare title, Doc Louis’s Punch-Out!! (or the calendar, if they wished).

So, how do this year’s prizes stack up?

Well, for the Gold members, there is… another calendar. Clearly, this marks the makings of a trend, so if having Samus tell you what day it is doesn’t tickle your fancy, you’ll probably want to shoot for Platinum status by this time next year.

Platinum members… well, there’s a little less choice this year. They too can have the calendar, or what’s behind door number two: a collectible Super Mario figurine, featuring several of the franchise’s most memorable characters, including Mario, Bowser, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Yoshi, and even a Goomba, along with a few trademark fixtures, such as a pipe and brick blocks.

The figurine measures 3.9 inches in height, and has a diameter of 4.6 inches. And for those who prefer to keep such items on display in their box, the figurine comes enclosed in decorative packaging.

And of course, if like some writers on this website (who shall remain nameless) you did not attain Platinum status, well… wait half a year, and maybe you’ll luck out on eBay. That should give one a decent amount of time to save up enough money for whatever exorbitant prices they’ll go for, as well as ponder their indecisiveness which ultimately led them to hang on to those registrations, and instead try for next year’s prize.


Source: Club Nintendo