Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days comes out this August for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, but if you want to check out the game before it releases next month, then you can check out the demo right now- provided you have two things, one, an Xbox 360, and two, a demo code.

If you don’t have a demo code, that’s where your ol’ buddy ol’ pal Demi comes in handy. You can go to the official Kane & Lynch 2 website and sign up for a demo code, but if you do so that way, you aren’t guaranteed one. However, if you want an instant, guaranteed code, you can text “dog days” to 72579 on your mobile cellular telephonic deviceamajig. You should get a code like that. (I just snapped, but you missed it because it was that fast.) Then, head over to Xbox Live and enter that code, and start downloading yourself a demo.

If you download the demo, tell us what you think of it! If you can’t download the demo, or have a PS3 or PC (they’ll get the demo too soon!) then, I don’t know, leave a frowny face or something.


  1. Oh no, now I can’t try the sequel to the horrible original. I can only assume it will be of the same quality.

    What marketing sense does that make? That would be like them releasing “Batman Begins” without pointing out to audiences that it was not part of the same series as “Batman and Robin.”