With the launch still two weeks away in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world awash in fresh new Xbox 360 smell, Japan is feeling the positive side effects in regards to the console being introduced to their market. Andriasang reported that during its first week of being on the market, the Xbox 360 sold 17,370 units with 15,000 of those being the new slimmed down version. This is a boost of almost 800% with the previous week only managing to muster up 2,060 sales.

Microsoft still couldn’t get a leg up on any of the other console developers, with Sony managing to sell 19,578 Playstation 3’s, 23,257 PSP’s and even Nintendo got in on the action with 19,115 Wii’s exchanging hands. On top of the retail sales rankings? The Nintendo DSi reigned supreme selling 41,676 units.

[Source: MCV]


  1. Thats not selling like hotcakes…. That is just selling a lot more then before… I am sure they thought that finally it was probably rid of the red ring and that it will be cool because its slimmer and because it has free wifi now.

  2. I would have thought that the entire population of Japan owned a DS by now. How is it that they’re STILL outselling consoles?