As soon as I saw the Nintendo 3DS I noticed that magical ‘home’ button that us Nintendo Wii fans are so familiar with.  That got me thinking about the possibilities within the 3DS’s firmware and what I’d like to see the system do.  So here are the first five of my top ten wants for the Nintendo 3DS.

10.  3DSpeak

Nintendo has been using voice chat in DS games since Metroid Prime Hunters.  Nintendo has also been experimenting with voice chat for years on the Nintendo DS platforms.  At E3 2005 Nintendo had a section of their booth that showcased a Wi-Fi capable application that allowed users to use the DS to speak with each other.  This application was called DSpeak.

I think it is time DSpeak came out and the Nintendo 3DS is the perfect way to get it going. With all the talk of the Nintendo 3DS staying connected to the Internet I have to wonder why not have 3DSpeak? I think it would be great to be able to call friends on the Nintendo 3DS with 3DSpeak.  Of course this would only be over the Internet but it would still be fun.

9.  Better Internet Browser

Nintendo released an awful Internet browser for the Nintendo DS/Nintendo DS Lite.  The Opera browser on the Nintendo DSi is an improvement but it’s still not enough.  Nintendo should really get the Internet browser on the Nintendo 3DS to function adequately.

There have been multiple times that I have been out and wanted to check the Internet via my Nintendo DSi.  Be it my e-mail, news, weather, etc- it’s possible with the current Nintendo DSi web browser but it’s still extremely slow.  I’m tired of looking at people with other portable devices, such as the PSP and the iPod Touch, speed through the Internet while I go at a snails pace.  There will be no excuse this time since the Nintendo 3DS has more horsepower than the Nintendo DSi.

8.  MP3 Playback

The older Nintendo Wii systems, which came with the original Photo Channel, could play MP3s.  However since then Nintendo has updated the Photo Channel in a way that makes it impossible to play them.  The Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL also can’t play MP3s.

If you want to listen to audio on the Nintendo DSi, or Wii, you need to change the format of your MP3 files into AAC.  This takes time and is a hassle.  All of this is because Nintendo doesn’t want to support MP3s because they are avoiding licensing fees.  I know I’m not the only one who’s sick and tired of this issue and it’s one I hope is improved on the Nintendo 3DS.

7.  Play and Record 2D/3D Video

Can you tell I’d like the Nintendo 3DS to be my main media device?  Honestly though, it would be great to be able to play back videos loaded onto the Nintendo 3DS be it a 2D or 3D video.  I don’t own any other portable device that can do this and I don’t plan to go out and buy a device that will.

On top of playing video I’d like to be able to record video in 2D/3D.  We all know the Nintendo 3DS will be able to take pictures in 3D, and most likely 2D, so why stop there?  Nintendo has recently been about giving players the ability to create with software such as Wario Ware D.I.Y., Flipnote Studio, the Mii Channel, Animal Crossing, etc.  Why not let players create and maybe share videos with friends via Wi-Fi?

6.  No More Fridge

Nintendo still hasn’t learned their lesson from the Wii’s “Fridge” issues.  For those who don’t know, or remember, this problem let me explain.  In the past if a Wii user downloaded more Virtual Console/WiiWare games than could fit into the Wii’s memory Nintendo said users could delete them or move them to the SD card if they wanted more content.  These games were not bootable off the SD card and would require an annoying move process to juggle all of your games around in order for them to be played.

Nintendo fixed this problem with a firmware update on the Wii by allowing digital games to be bootable from the SD card.  This problem, however, still exists on the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL.  The “Fridge” problem should no longer be an issue for the Nintendo 3DS and it’s still shocking to think that it’s even an issue on the Nintendo DSi systems now.

That’s all for now, unfortunately.  Be sure to check here to see my top five wants for the Nintendo 3DS.


  1. Good ideas/wants/problems. Honestly, I don’t find not being able to play mp3 on the dsi a problem. I’m already going to put the songs on my dsi, it’s not so much of a hassle to go into Itunes, or another such music program, and right click and select “Convert to AAC” (That is, unless you have lots of songs). The fridge issue is completely annoying, especially when you play all of the games that you download (as opposed to only playing some, and being bored with the rest.)
    I beleive that Nintendo already announced the 3ds’s ability to record 3d video, am I mistaken? If so, then Nintendo should definitely look into that.

  2. I had a long comment to post, but there was an error, and I couldn’t get it back, so I’ll give a short summary:

    I don’t have a problem with the MP3/aac issue. It’s not that hard to convert it (unless yuo have a lot of songs to convert)

    The fridge issue is annoying, Nintendo should fix that.

    I think Nintendo already said that the 3ds could record 3d video. If I’m wrong, they should look into that.

  3. what about a auto-focus type function where the device tracks your head movements so that you don’t have to manually recalibrate/focus the 3D every time you reposition your head?

  4. “what about a auto-focus type function where the device tracks your head movements so that you don’t have to manually recalibrate/focus the 3D every time you reposition your head?”

    Impossible, unless the 3d projecting screen thing could move

    (The same thing happened to this message as my last… I hope I don’t get a double post again)

    • it does “move.” you’d have to “move” it every time you want to change the viewing distance to make sure the 3D image stays in focus.

  5. hi there wow you only covered top 5 out of 10were are the last 5 3d speak alwoume idear nintendo says wi-fi g not wi-fi b at 54 mb/s mp3 formate shoud come from nintendo called n-tunes and yes it takes 3d pitures will it play 2d 3d vidio i say yes they already dem 3d movies soo the idear of leaving out video record feature in 3d is silly

  6. Great idea on the 3DSpeak. I think that would totally open up a lot of opportunities for the 3DS. On the mp3 playback and better browser, I think it just boils down to making the 3DS more of a overall multimedia device than just a one trick gaming pony.

  7. I hope that they figure out a better system than exchanging “friend codes”. This is so annoying across Nintendo products. Great website please check out my Nintendo 3DS site if you get a chance.