When APB was announced, it was announced as an MMO for the Xbox 360 and the PC. Later, they delayed and eventually dropped development of the 360 title to focus their efforts on the PC version. Now Realtime Worlds’s David Jones is saying that a console version could still happen- with some caveats.

If they are able to find a few things, then a console version of APB is absolutely possible. For one, a publishing partner is needed, as they would have trouble publishing a console game themselves, unlike the PC version. They’d also have to figure out pricing, as an MMO on the console hasn’t been done to the extent that figuring out pricing is no longer an issue. And most importantly, they’d have to figure out how to run dedicated servers for consoles. With the PS3, I imagine it would be much easier to run servers, as Microsoft has been notoriously controlling of Xbox Live.

Jones goes on to say that they’re going to keep building on the PC version of APB, and that a console version would require a redesign. Holding your breath for a non-PC version of APB isn’t such a good idea, I’d think. Reviews continue to say that the game suffers from repetition, so I can’t see them being successful with a console version of a paid-subscription game. [Joystiq]