I’m surprised that Fat Princess never gained a lot of traction on PSN, as it is a great strategy game, and probably one of my favorite titles on PSN. With the inclusion of the new Fat Roles DLC that released last week, we might see a lot more people jump back into the game after long periods of dead gameplay, but it looks like another part of the game could be rising from the dead as well.

The in-game tips for Fat Princess have hinted at DLC in the past, and if the in-game tip “I think Zombies are coming soon, run!” is any indication, I think zombies are coming soon. … Run! The Fat Roles DLC trailer also shows some pumpkins in the game in lieu of cakes, but does that mean we could be getting some Halloween DLC? I’m all for Zombie DLC- anything that will get people to check out Fat Princess is something I am in total support of. [Joystiq]