ModNation Racers is no stranger to DLC- as a matter of fact, content is the entire point of the game. While I’m not sure why paid DLC is necessary when almost any and every character you’d ever want can be created with enough effort, Sony will be introducing a character we all know and fear love to the Playstation Network this week- Sweet Tooth!

While Sweet Tooth is supposed to be a killer clown, I have to say that he looks adorable in ModNation Racers. It might have something to do with his resemblance to the Joker, I think- not that the Joker is adorable, but a baby Joker kind of has to be adorable. Anyway, Sweet Tooth and his ice cream kart are coming to ModNation Racers this week, for $2, way before the full-fledged Twisted Metal game comes out sometime next year. []