Despite the fact that I jump whenever someone says “boo”, I’m really looking forward to Dead Space 2. Visceral’s third-person space shooter is looking like a great sequel to one of 2008’s most popular games, and for a shooter, it has a rather gripping story behind it. Visceral and EA are looking to extend this story with the downloadable prequel Dead Space Ignition.

Visceral hopes to make Ignition one of many extensions planned for Dead Space 2 in the coming launch next January, but despite the extension, Ignition won’t play in the same way Dead Space 2 will. Ignition is a choose-your-own-adventure comic style story with hacking mini-games, and it’s planned to fill in the backstory for the game prior to the game’s release. The best part about it all is that you can end the game with one of four endings, each of which will give you some in-game bonuses for Dead Space 2.

If you checked out Antony Johnson’s 2008 Dead Space comic (and if you didn’t, why the hell didn’t you?) you’ll recognize the art style for ignition, as it looks like Johnson is at the helm of the art direction once more. Dead Space Ignition will be scaring the shit out of you this fall on PSN and XBLA.