A couple of weeks ago, there were reports of Microsoft teaming with Burger King once again in order to promote Kinect. Could this mean we get to don the crown of the King once again, in order to sneak around and surprise people with a quick snap of the neck with our own two hands tasty flame-broiled treat?

Unfortunately, the reality of the promotion may be a little less exciting than that for some.

Instead of more Tactical Advertising Action, it appears that this round of promotion may be aimed a little more at the kiddie set, thanks to a Kids Meal pack-in of Kinectimals-branded plush toys. Just think, lions and tigers and… er, giraffes… oh, my.

The hook? As Mich Mathews, Senior Marketing VP for Microsoft will attempt to demonstrate, the “real” Kinectimals can be scanned by Kinect for use in the Kinectimals game. Watch and behold:

And there you have it: Kinect has overcome its dislike of people with darker skin, and has instead turned its aggression towards the color pink.

Er, that is to say, lots of fun awaits with Skittles and all his friends when Kinectimals comes to Burger King, presumably later this year, perhaps in time for the holiday season. One also has to wonder if these Kinectimals will be exclusive to Burger King, or if they’ll be available as downloadable content somewhere down the line.

But will we see anything else, perhaps something for the older gamers? That remains to be seen, but we’ll keep our eyes on the menu board.

Source: Games Radar