Are you a TERA fan?  Well then you should have already bookmarked!!  This site is shaping up to be the MMO-Champion of TERA sites and has all the TERA news you can shake your gorgeously well rendered Castanic female booty at!!  That being said, our friends over at TERA fans have thrown up some new armor renders for the Castantic race, and they are absolutely F*%&ing gorgeous!!  Read on to see them all!!

It would take us hours to post all the renders for every set of Male/Female Castanic armor here at RipTen.  So we’re gonna send you on over to to see them all!!  Meanwhile here are a few choice selections as well as a reference point from World of Warcraft.

If this isn’t some of the best looking armor ever seen in an MMO, let alone in any game, then I don’t know what is!!

Meanwhile, below you will find my WoW character, who is decked out in armor I spent years obtaining.  As you will see, as awesome as he is, he pales in comparison to anything in TERA . . . :-(

Can I Get Some Of That Sweet TERA Armor?

Head on over to TERAfans to see over 200 more armor renderings!!


  1. I think I am going to have to play this game.
    I call dibs on a review copy of this, should we get a review copy of this…..