Nintendo doesn’t have to do much more to get serious gamers hyped up for their upcoming 3DS handheld. Numerous outlets praised the device’s E3 showing and we here at Ripten declared it the best hardware announcement. But how does Nintendo go about marketing to the more casual, non-E3 crowd?

I have no idea, and they’re not quite sure either. 3DS system producer Hideki Konno had the following to say:

“We are constantly discussing how to market the product. Our internal PR departments are saying that we should use cinema advertising, because cinemas are capable of showing 3D movies. But our key point with 3DS is that you don’t need glasses, which you obviously need to use in cinemas. So we think regular marketing and promotional activities will be very tricky for us. I think that a lot of awareness about 3DS will be spread by word of mouth.”

“We did hear doubtful voices. We weren’t completely successfully with Virtual Boy so there was a suspicious tone within the company. First, I introduced the latest technology — the 3D panel — attached it to the Wii and showed a demo showing Mario Kart Wii and Animal Crossing. In Japan there’s a maxim: a glance is better than a hundred words. Even with words I wasn’t able to convince anyone. So I presented the demo to Miyamoto and Iwata and they were stunned and agreed to take it in that direction.”

My advice for their marketing team is to just say “Nintendo. New DS. 3D without glass.” And then watch everybody piss their pants like they did at E3. I’m not poking fun at anyone, I was part of that urinating crowd.

Honestly, I hate the new 3D trend, but the “without glasses” part makes it all A-ok in my book. That’s what they need to focus on specifically, which they are, based on Konno’s above comments. But while focusing on the 3D, they shouldn’t neglect everything else, because the 3DS is a pretty robust little package.


  1. They could just make sure every game retailer has the 3DS hardware to demo at launch. That would help them sell those.

  2. “In Japan there’s a maxim: a glance is better than a hundred words.”

    1 – A maxim eh?? As a translator of J to E myself, I’m wondering what could have possessed the “decider” of this English version to choose that word.

    2 – Wow.. really? Once again Japan’s “uniqueness” has completely blown my mind.. This strange concept of a “glance” being better than a hundred words… I’m feeling so emotional right now… I need a minute…

    Thank you Japan for teaching us gaijin your wise and motivational maxims (even though our minds are incapable of fully understanding).