It seems no-one can escape the giant money crunch that has been sweeping the globe, not even game publishers and developers. Publisher 2K Games has axed  about twenty jobs at Firaxis, the long running developers of the Civilization series. 2K cited the lay-offs as part of cost cutting expenses to help out during these financially tough times. 2K Games said in an official release;

“Firaxis has realigned its development resources in order to streamline its development process, reduce costs and maximize the overall performance the studio.”

For all you eager fans awaiting Civilization V in September of this year, don’t fret that the game will lose out as a result of the job cuts. In regards to the quality of Civ 5, 2K Games said;

“[The job cuts] will not impact Firaxis’ ability to create and deliver AAA titles, including its forthcoming Sid Meier’s Civilization V and Sid Meier’s Civilization Network for Facebook.”

It is sad to see people lose thier jobs, especially more so in an industry that is bounding ahead and raking in profits across the board. What do you think? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Source: MCV]


  1. Well civilization 5 has now become the worst game they have produced from the series. What a ripp-off, they have done the same thing as their competitors. Nice graphics and animation, make sure the game has a nice video to make kids think the game is a must have, cut the investment in programming and spend more on fake reviews and bribing review sites to give them high scores.

    yep they are all doing it and now fraxis has joined them.
    shame on you guys… I won’t spend a penny more on your games and ~I will spend my time telling people all over the internet of your scam.