It feels like it was only yesterday that we got Dragon Quest IX, and now they’re already talking about a release for Dragon Quest X?

Oh, right… it was only yesterday.

Even so, it was five years after VIII was released before IX came out. And it’s only been one year (to the day) between the Japanese release and American release of IX.

Nonetheless, designer and Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii had the following exchange with Kotaku recently about how long the wait would be for the next installment:

Kotaku: “What can you tell people who are excited about Dragon Quest X for the Wii? How is it taking shape and how far out is it from release?”

Horii: “There is not much I can say at this time about Dragon Quest X. I am sorry. But it’s not that far out.”

Kotaku: “I’ll assume it will be better than IX

Horii: “Hai.”

With any luck, Dragon Quest IX (with Nintendo’s backing) will do well enough this time out to make the franchise a bigger deal in the West. And maybe bring Final Fantasy down a peg or two; it’s been strutting around like it owns the place.

And speaking of which, what would happen if a Chocobo and a Slime met? That would be the other question Kotaku brought before Horii in their post, though frankly, the idea probably didn’t go as far as writer Stephen Totilo would have liked.

Source: via GoNintendo


  1. Seeing as how DQ releases tend to be 4-5 years apart meaning DQ 10 likely won’t be out until probably 2014 or 2015 Square Enix might wanna reconsider making it for Wii and instead making it for one of the next generation sytems. After all Wii PS3 and XBox 360 have been out quite awhile and next generatuion systems will probably come out in the next couple years and Wii will likely be outdated and dead by the time DQ 10 is released.

    • you are an idiot for thinking wii will be outdated within the next couple year i mean do you own one??? anyone who does realizes how many modifications are still to come or even be thought of for this system its the first of its kind mind you which means it will not be succeeded before the likes of ps3 and xbox 360. the wii as is right now will be very much in good demand for more than a few years

  2. You are wrong mr.anon. X will be out really soon, they have the technology and wii is different than ps3 and box 360. wii and ds are easy to develop for. Dragon quest 9 was done earlier than you think since it is a hand held and had the graphics of 8, but it got delayed to remove several things and turned back to turn base from multi-player.

    This is what happened with 9, other than that 9 was released fast, X is already in the works on a easy to develop for console/hand held. It will not take until 2014-2015 to release X, you do not know about game developing and should keep your mouth shut. There should be info on the game this year if not at the beginning of next year, Yuji Horii is already working on dragon quest X.

    Read before you type sir. Suikoden is just as good as dragon quest releases, part IV and V were being done around the same time for suikoden, and got released near each other. This is no different than with IX and X of dragon quest, it has not been long since it was released and since DQ VIII was released a while ago… IX and X were expected to be released within qualms of each other.

    This is because Nintendo WII and DS are easy to develop for, what do you think makes a game take long? a rpg like this will not take long, and a console one like this will not either. It did not take long till we heard about DQ IX coming to ds and it released fast, X is being worked on now so it should be released earlier than 2014-2015. This is not final fantasy, this is not the old era where Enix had issues, this is not Square enix, this si Yuji Horii who created the series with enix and owns most of the rights to it, in the new era using wii and Ds to release games not hard to develop for.

    This game info is coming out soon like near the end of the year soon, or e3 soon; or at the beginning of next year. This release should be 2011-2012 at most.

  3. Do you think that they might make a Dragon Quest X for the DS/DSi a year or so after the releaese of Dragon Quest X for the Wii? (Pretty mad, recently the Wii was moved from the family room to my sister’s room.)