Fable is a series that is known for open worlds and pushing what is possible in that world. Dialogue is a big part of that experience, and while it has always been well acted, it seems the same lines keep looping in the background.

Lionhead is looking to change that with Fable III, with 47 hours of recorded dialogue. That’s nearly two full days! Compare that to 36 hours in Fable II.

The majority of the dialogue is actually for non quest-related AIs, such as gossip lines and over 1500 “marriage lines”. It took three writers to write the 460,000 or so recorded words in the game, and more than 80 actors to play all the characters. Voice talent even includes John Cleese, who plays Jarvis the butler.

So what does this mean for gameplay? Hopefully, it means that the same repetitive lines won’t keep coming up while playing.