Pac-Man and Namco founder Masaya Nakamura are to be entered into the International Video Game Hall of Fame in a few weeks’ time. This comes as a part of the Hall of Fame’s “Big Bang 2010” event, which will feature tournaments, celebrities, concerts, and a whole lot of Pac-Man.

“We’re going to be focusing a ton on Pac Man,” said Dan Canny, vice president of the IVGHOF board. Unfortunately Nakamura won’t be attending the ceremony, but ““A team of corporate folks from Namco [are coming]… We’re still working out their schedule.”

Ottumwa Central Park is even being renamed “Pac Man Park” for the duration of the event.

I just have one question about all the celebrations and inductions:

How has Pac-Man not been inducted into the Hall of Fame already?

[Via GoNintendo]


  1. I can answer your one question :)

    This is the first induction ceremony…so that’s why he hasn’t been inducted before now…and no one else either :P