Less than three weeks after City Interactive released the much anticipated Sniper: Ghost Warrior with numerous AI and gameplay issues, a big ol’ patch has finally come to save the day.  Unfortunately, its a day late and a dollar short for many gamers who have already become frustrated with the title.

Here are the full patch notes via Steam:


  • Fixed interactions of camouflage system with plants (the player will be less vulnerable to enemy sight when hidden in vegetation)
  • Adjusted AI alertness and seeing (e.g. the player will be less vulnerable to enemy sight at long distances)
  • Tweaked influence of the players posture and movement speed on being spotted by the enemies
  • Tweaked AI reactions, better behavior in combat situations
  • Removed over 95% of the static AI scripts during stealth actions and replaced with the improved stealth system


  • Fixed multiplayer statistics
  • Adjusted duration of breath-holding
  • Fixed minor multiplayer maps geometry issues

Optimizations and Stability

  • Fixed possible random crashes on multi processor systems
  • Fixed minor stability problems on several hardware configurations

General Fixes/tweaks

  • Fixed registration of internet profile
  • Fixed blink after exiting game to menus


  • Adjusted melee (knife) attack strength
  • Adjusted damage, accuracy and range of AI weapons

Now, as you may or may not know, I was working on my video review for Sniper when I heard that this patch was coming.

Normally, if this were a game from a large and well established studio I would have reviewed it, “As is” and said, “Too bad I don’t wait around for major patches before I review a game I’ve already paid for”  However, I decided to give this small eastern European developer (City Interactive) the benefit of the doubt in hopes that they would truly correct some of the issues with this game and not repeat these mistakes with the next Sniper title.

That being said, as soon as this patch was applied I went back and replayed one of the more frustrating missions in the game (due to enemy AI issues) called, “The End Is Near”

I noticed an immediate difference in the enemy AI and was very happy.  I could actually play the mission properly now.  I also played through other portions of the game that were seriously effected by these issues and am happy to say that this patch has raised my score for Sniper: Ghost Warrior significantly.

Now that I have played the game in it’s patched and unpatched forms, I can finally finalize my video review.  Look for it right here very very soon!!