Wii Games Summer 2010 Grand Championships Event Recap 9/2/2010

Wii Games Summer 2010 Grand Championships Event Recap 9/3/2010 – 9/4/2010

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Wii Games Summer 2010: Interview With The Champions

Today I had the pleasure of going to the Wii Games Summer 2010 NYC Main event held at Liberty State Park, NJ.  I had pre-registered for the event on the official website at www.WiiGames2010.com.  I entered the event with my sister to form team BeruGold.

Upon arriving I made sure to check in.  Check in was fast and easy.  Since we registered to compete we were handed a voucher to obtain a free custom t-shirt.  There were several designs to choose from and you can even customize what the shirt says.  Most of the choices are from the Mario universe, but some came from Punch Out!! and Wii Sports Resort.

It was then that my sister and I decided to go ahead and compete in the competition.  We’ve been practicing for a few weeks now and had all the games down pretty well.  We choked a little and we were disappointed with our overall performance.  We knew we could do better but feared the worst.  It turned out, however, that we ended up in first place for the Adult division.

It was at this point that the officials at the event went nuts.  We stuck around for a bit before being pulled up on the main stage at the event to be introduced as the current leaders in our division.  My sister and I then had to play the game within Wii Fit Plus, Bird’s-Eye Bull’s-Eye.  After we finished playing that game we were showered in Nintendo Swag that made me drool.

After the excitement died down we checked out what else there was to do.  The upper level of the tent that was set up with several titles for the Nintendo Wii.  Players could play the games and earn coins for playing the games.  Certain games could net players extra coins if they did well.  These coins could then be exchanged for Nintendo prizes/swag.

I found earning coins for swag to be somewhat difficult due to the lines around the games.  Luckily team BeruGold already had the most expensive swag pieces that everyone kept asking us about.  Unfortunately for our team, however, we soon found that our top score had been knocked down to second place.

At the end of the day our score still stood at second place, which still nets my sister and I a free trip to Los Angeles for the finals.  I can’t wait to go to the finals with my sister since we had a blast.  Also I’d like to say congratulations to Team Poland who took us out of the top position.  Just be prepared since my sister and I had an off day and are looking to come back even stronger in the finals.

One final word I have is that this event is a ton of fun.  I highly recommend that people attend the event if they can get to one.  I saw people of all ages competing and having a great time.  It’s also a great event for families to enjoy.



  1. I’ve been to San Fran about 15 years ago, but never to So Cal. Wasn’t planning to renting a car. From the schedule it looks like our Saturday will be wide open. Any recommendations for tours of Hollywood?

  2. so i just pulled off my best time in kart 1:55 (i got 1:58 at the mall)
    cant wait its going to be crazy. and also fyi some from nintendo told us unreleased wii games will be playable there !

  3. Anyone here planning on going to the Thursday night preview?
    For those who played at the NYC Event, it looks like they’ll be using the same tent setup.

      • We’re scheduled to get in late Thursday (past 9:30). Families compete first the next day, so could be good night–good morning–good-bye.

        Let us know what information you guys get at check-in and how things go Thursday.

          • Thanks Micky.

            If Vinny is right, then getting to an odd number like three for the finals would mean that it’s essentially a free-for-all on the first day.

  4. I just got the $200.00 checks in the mail today for food/entertainment. I’m pumped. I’ll also be there Thursday night.

  5. Does anyone have more information on the grand championships on Sunday? Is there a bracket or do the top 3 or 5 teams make it? If anyone knows please share.

    • It looks like they’ll tell us at the event how it’s going to break down for Sunday. I think it’s got to be the top 5 or 3 teams from each category. I’m leaning towards top 3. The only reason I say that is because Nintendo will want to have all the winners there. They won’t want to make anyone feel bad and have to leave the “stage” sad. If they narrow it down to the top 3 on Sunday then even if you come in last you’re still a prize winner. Of course, that’s just my opinion and I’m not “in the know” at all.

    • Thanks for the hollywood outbreak link. That’s a great picture of Shawn Johnson, Team Undrcvr Plumbers and Espada!!!
      Front row – Lucas, Brian, Shawn, Lauren, Sarah
      Back row – Micky and Noah

    • Ron – HAHA I only know of being in the Daily Breeze. What other papers are you talking about!? Did you find others? I only saw myself in the beach pic and the Shawn Johnson pic with Brian and Team Espada. lolV

  6. Hey guys, it was great meeting you all. I just got my first update on the finals up. You can view it here:


    I’ll be doing several other updates on the Grand Championships as well, so don’t think I’m finished yet. Also I’ve been told to inform you guys that Ripten will soon be getting a message board so that it will be even easier for Wii Games 2010 fans, and Ripten fans, to communicate with one another. Look forward to it and I’ll be sure to keep linking my updates.

    If you really don’t want to miss any of my updates though follow me on facebook and twitter. Links to both can be found in my latest articles.

    • Hey everyone! We made it back safe and sound from LA. Our trophies on the other hand were not so lucky. The TSA searched the bag they were packed in and I can only guess broke them to check inside. They were re-packed in separate pieces.
      I’m going to see what kind of repair work can be done to them, At the very least they were clean breaks. I’m still pissed, but I’ll be more pissed if I can’t fix them.
      It was awesome meeting everyone! I wish we had some time to get everyone from the board together for a photo. Maybe next year?
      Congrats to everyone!!!

      • Vinny, I can’t believe that happened to your trophies! You should contact Nintendo, right away. I bet they’ll replace them for you.

        Thanks, again, for the Hula Hoop tips. It ended up being our best score of all the games. I got 317!

        I’m really glad I got to meet you & your family and the rest to the teams, here.

      • I would contact Nintendo directly about the trophies. They may be able to give you replacements or something. Who knows. (Yes I know they were numbered x/45 but there is still a chance).

        • Thanks for the well wishes guys. I got on the phone with the TSA and I flipped out. To make a long story short, they will foot any type of repair bill.
          I spoke with Nintendo who was very interested in the situation and more than willing to help in any way they could. They asked if we would keep them informed of everything as it went on.
          Back on the brighter side. Let me say again how much fun my family and I had! It really was the experience of a life-time, and I’m glad that all of you had such a great time as well.
          Anyone care to explain how unpacking takes longer than packing…?
          Doug, if you’re around, My wife and I would love to see that pic you sent to your wife if you still have it. Please & Thank you!

          • Dude, sorry to hear about the trophies. I hope you find someone who can repair them back to as close to their original state as possible. Keep us updated.

    • Hey everyone!

      Sorry it took so long to get back to you all, but I walked back into an office with more than 180 emails and a staff screaming for me to start fixing things.

      I just wanted to take a moment to say how great it was to meet all of you over the weekend. The games were awesome, the players were awesome, and everyone on this board has been about as cool as they can be.

      While my son seems content with his victory this year (and shows no inclination to want to do it again next year) I have an 8 year old who is stoked about trying his luck the next time this rolls around. Everyone should practice hard as soon as we have an schedule of games so we can all make it next year!


      Dr. Doug

  7. No problem! It’s not the best, though…the phone I was using just doesn’t produce the highest quality image…Where do you want me to send it?

    • Thanks! If you could send it to my E-mail address TacktileTK@aol.com I’d appreciate it a ton. We’re trying to see if anyone has more footage up from any of the interviews. I kinda think that they were saving the interviews we did and were only planning to use them if we won. lol Ah well, hopefully there’s next year.

  8. Hey everyone! Here is my Wii related info! Console # and Games codes!

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  9. C’mon guys, towards the end of the open competition they were taking forever.
    However, I’m sure this isn’t a priority for them. The winner have won, and they’re most likely the only ones looking to see results.
    I know if I didn’t make the top 3 it would be painful to look up the GC leader board. Heck, my family placed 3rd and I still don’t wanna look it up.

    • No announcements yet. Last time out it was announced in June for a July launch. Glad to see people are still finding these posts useful.
      Anyone here gonna try again?

      Ron (you remember, 5th placed finish Parent/Child) Team Dostaly