Wii Games Summer 2010 Grand Championships Event Recap 9/2/2010

Wii Games Summer 2010 Grand Championships Event Recap 9/3/2010 – 9/4/2010

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Wii Games Summer 2010: Interview With The Champions

Today I had the pleasure of going to the Wii Games Summer 2010 NYC Main event held at Liberty State Park, NJ.  I had pre-registered for the event on the official website at www.WiiGames2010.com.  I entered the event with my sister to form team BeruGold.

Upon arriving I made sure to check in.  Check in was fast and easy.  Since we registered to compete we were handed a voucher to obtain a free custom t-shirt.  There were several designs to choose from and you can even customize what the shirt says.  Most of the choices are from the Mario universe, but some came from Punch Out!! and Wii Sports Resort.

It was then that my sister and I decided to go ahead and compete in the competition.  We’ve been practicing for a few weeks now and had all the games down pretty well.  We choked a little and we were disappointed with our overall performance.  We knew we could do better but feared the worst.  It turned out, however, that we ended up in first place for the Adult division.

It was at this point that the officials at the event went nuts.  We stuck around for a bit before being pulled up on the main stage at the event to be introduced as the current leaders in our division.  My sister and I then had to play the game within Wii Fit Plus, Bird’s-Eye Bull’s-Eye.  After we finished playing that game we were showered in Nintendo Swag that made me drool.

After the excitement died down we checked out what else there was to do.  The upper level of the tent that was set up with several titles for the Nintendo Wii.  Players could play the games and earn coins for playing the games.  Certain games could net players extra coins if they did well.  These coins could then be exchanged for Nintendo prizes/swag.

I found earning coins for swag to be somewhat difficult due to the lines around the games.  Luckily team BeruGold already had the most expensive swag pieces that everyone kept asking us about.  Unfortunately for our team, however, we soon found that our top score had been knocked down to second place.

At the end of the day our score still stood at second place, which still nets my sister and I a free trip to Los Angeles for the finals.  I can’t wait to go to the finals with my sister since we had a blast.  Also I’d like to say congratulations to Team Poland who took us out of the top position.  Just be prepared since my sister and I had an off day and are looking to come back even stronger in the finals.

One final word I have is that this event is a ton of fun.  I highly recommend that people attend the event if they can get to one.  I saw people of all ages competing and having a great time.  It’s also a great event for families to enjoy.



  1. Thanks for the tip Ben. We were just about to test a slightly different variety to that method. Time to close this thread so it doesn’t get out. Maybe Justin B. will delete your post until after you compete. Now that would be hilarious! Those who didn’t already see it wouldn’t know the reference. LOL

    • WHAT? What tips? I didn’t post any tips on here…I think someone got on and said they were me. That’s not cool. I can;t even see above this post, what is going on?! I’m kinda confused and angry.

      • Yeah I just read that comment made by some other Ben, if that is their real name. This is Ben from Indy and that is NOT THE TRICK I — USE. I don’t even know if it works…I’ll go try it now. But be warned. That wasn’t me! Who did that? What a jerk. Hope you guys are still around.

        • HA!

          That’s not the only thing fishy going on!!!

          I just spoke to Admin. at Nintendo of America, as the OFFICIAL LEADERBOARDS FOR MALL GROUP 2 HAVE BEEN CHANGED AS OF APPROX. AN HOUR AGO!!!!!

          Major FUBAR!!!!!

          What?! All of a sudden they have the supreme right to change their OWN official contest rules?! The events are to be closed as of 6PM Sunday evening, and offical postings to follow on Monday morning. Now all of a sudden, the postings are different, the scores are different, the teams are different…?!

          Try to console my son, who’s now not only confused but crushed and devastated, after a week of celebrating and waiting for his prize notification!!!

          I would appreciate it if ANYONE who remembers seeing DrDougandConninator at the top of the boards for Parent/Child in Mall Group 2 to PLEASE post to this board!

          I actually copy and pasted the official post page to e-mail it to our frinds and relatives, as well my son posting it to his FaceBook page. I have told Admin this, and offered to e-mail them a copy of the page showing us topping the boards. I have not yet received an official explanation or “fix” for this yet, but was told to expect a phone call either today or tomorrow.

          I sincerely hope that this isn’t what has happened to the other two group 2 competitors who have been posting here…


          • I remember that at my event some people were having a hard time uploading their scores to the leader boards, via DSi XL’s, and they wrote all the scores down. These teams probably had their scores updated after the even shut down. Maybe one of those teams beat you out.

          • Yes, it seems that if their scores are correct, they did in fact beat our scores. However, that is not the issue I have. The winning team most certainly deserves to win, and earned it as well. What I have contention with is the fact that if this difficulty or “discrepency” was known about, a statement should have been issued to the competitiors involved. Had this happened, there would be no issue in my mind. However as it is, they went forward with an official posting, and even after learning that there was some issue, never once contacted the competitors, or withdrew the postings from the leaderboards, or notified anyone at anytime.

            I know for a fact that if we had not responded to a winning notification within the three day time limit, they would have had no problem passing it down to the next in line without a second thought. Yet, they seem to feel confident in violating their own official competition rule deadlines without a thought for the people, especially kids, that they might be afftecting.

            Perhaps I am being overly dramatic with all of this, but I see it as extremely irresponsible and unprofessional.

            This all goes without saying that it seems everyone else on this blog seemed to have different choices as to the cars, drivers, and steering (drift) methods except for us???…maybe I’m wrong…

            And, although I can accept the accuracy of the updated scores, I cannot accept that it took 5 days to verify, and only got updated to the boards within an hour of me contacting Nintendo’s customer service Dept. Coincidence???

        • Yeah I tried what “Ben” said and I couldn;t get it to work. Does it work? Cause my way is waaaaaayyyyy better and easier. I guess they were trying to thorw you off or something…using my name. I dunno. Just let me know you guys are still out there. Vinny, Ron, Doug, Dawrf? Anyone?

          Egarly waiting your reply.

          • I’m here. The posts are all over the place. I’m still bummed out over what happened to Doug. I hope Nintendo does the right thing.

          • Hey Real Ben,

            Our name is DrDougandConninator. All of a sudden, about an hour or so ago, the boards suddenly changed, showing Concord Mills holding 50% or more of all the top scores…a little weird??? Concord Mills boasts all the gaming gurus???…Hmmmmm…

            I understand a reporting error, but 5 days later??? Really??? This is like ripping Christmas morning away from my son…

            They should own up to their mistake and award him, per the week-long official postings. Crushing a kid’s dreams because of your clerical error is unacceptable and inexcusable. After all, the best team will win in the end, so they should pony up…

            I’m still curious if the other two teams who were worried about not being notified yet are effected by this?

      • It didn’t sound like the trick. I’m sure a bunch of us here has already done that in normal play and didn’t see 20 coins flying all over the place. Anyway, see my post on the other page. Share after you compete or not – so few knows about it, it will make no difference. Justin did say NOT to post it here (at least not yet).
        Lets hear some strategies on Mario Kart. Manual or automatic? Light or heavy?

  2. This is a post directed at all those winners from Mall Group 2…

    I sent an e-mail to the company running the official notifications for Nintendo during the Wii Summer Games 2010, and wanted to keep you all up to date. This is the body of what I composed:


    My name is Doug Hutchison, and My son and I won the Parent/Child Division for Mall Group 2. According to the official contest rules, we were supposed to be notified by August 3. It is currently approaching August 5, and we have still heard nothing either from Nintendo or your company. As I understand it, we only have three days after notification to accept the winners package. Seeing as there has been some delay, I am assuming that the three days will begin after hearing from your company, not three days from the official rules notification date.

    Receiving some official word of explanation or confirmation would be greatly appreciated.

    Awaiting your reply,

    Doug Hutchison

    I am still awaiting a reply, and will let everyone know as soon as I hear anything. If any other Group 2 winners hear anything, please let me know.


  3. This concerns all winners from Mall Group 2:

    I posted earlier that I e-mailed the notification company, and I still have had no luck with receiving a reply. My son finally called Nintendo Customer Service at the following number: 1-800-255-3700. He was informed that everyone was notified on the 3rd of August. My son informaed him that WE had not been notified, as well as the winners from the Family and Adult catagories from Mall Group 2. And, as far as we know, NOBODY from Mall Group 2 has been notified as of yet. (I hope I got the two specific catagories correct from what was posted yesterday…)

    Anyway, he typed a lot and then sent it to their promotions department which is directly dealing with the Wii Games. Also, take note, that because we called him within the three day time limit put on the acceptance offer, no matter when we receive the official notice, we will be guaranteed safe from ellimination. That being said, I would recommend that all those who have also not yet heard CALL THAT NUMBER IMMEDIATELY TO SECURE YOUR SPOT!!!

    I did my best to cover the bases for ALL of us in Mall Group 2, so I hope others of you will begin seeing some responses soon as well.

    I will let you all know when I hear anything official.


  4. Doug

    Is that real? What? I saw DrDougandConninator As the top team in your group for the last few days. Did they not count Concord Mills? I would respectfully ask for an explanation. Thats a major bummer.

    • No, Concord Mills was included in the page I copied and mailed out to everyone. I still have it saved and looked over it just a min. ago…the new top team did not even exist in the top 25.


  5. OK, I see Waterfield in the adult group is still on top.
    Family is still Fenson Force, but below them looks new, but I can’t say for sure – I wasn’t paying that much attention to the other groups.
    Both of the above teams are on this board I think.

    Also Doug, the team above you scored a 2:01. Can you get that on automatic? I don’t think the Mario Kart part was done the same. You may have a valid point to make here, but I would do so respectfully and diplomatically.

    • I’m not sure how much different the times come in from auto to manual, but I know that 2:04 is the fastest my son has been able to pull using the identical setup he was made to use here at home.

      I may seem a bit emotional with what I have posted here today, but I didn’t feel an air of professionalism was necessarily required for a blog page. I’m sorry if I have shocked or offended anyone in some way, but I have had a hysterical child at my elbow most of the afternoon. I would like to think that most parents out there could understand my position. I think the ways most people deal with things on a personal level versus a professional level are quite different in both tone and verbage.


      • Doug

        I don’t feel you’ve acted out of line at all. I would be outraged if I thought I won and then was told the last minute I haden’t. Winning a free trip to LA is a very exciting concept for children and adults alike and I can see how you both might be devistated. You should have been informed AND you should have had the chance to use what ever character and kart you wanted for the competition. Who knows if the team above you was forced to use Mario and his basic kart. Nintendo needs way more spesific rules when it comes to many parts of this competition. Characters you can use, control schemes, karts and bikes, auto and manual settings, and other factors that play greatly into the final outcome. It’s just not organized very well. I’m sorry to hear that you were beat out, but maybe this will open Nintendo’s eyes to the fact that their system of scoring and games is flawed and next year the 2011 games will be much better. We can only hope.

  6. ok we are the mall group 2 family team and we have been contacted! they did have are score wrong yesterday and fixed it so i would not be to worried hope everything works out for you guys!


    In reality, the level itself was not new. It was 5-4; the one with the purple poison river and the raft that wont move if there are too many enemies on it. It was a level I knew well, as it’s killed me countless times.

    What was new was the coin layout. I could be wrong about this, but there seemed to be a whole lot more coins than there normally are in that stage. Together, I think Catherine and I got over 300 coins, and that was far from a perfect run. I’ll need to play the stage again at home to be sure, but it seemed that the stage layout itself was old, but the coin arrangement was new. Either way, it was fun. I just wish they hadn’t teased me with idea of playing an all new Mario stage


    • All of the coin-battle levels have added coins. That is not the answer. every game is gonna have the same amount of coins in the actual level 5-4 and the coin battle level.

      • That came out wrong at the end. I meant that in each game the normal level has coins and the coin battle level has more. No two NSMBW discs are different.

  8. Hey Justin/Berugold, are those shirts you have in the picture ones you made yourself? It looks like there is a wiigames symbol on it, so I wondered if they made them for you?

    • The shirt were given out free to all at the event. We had a choice of a number of characters and even where the Wii games logo could go. I think there were a choice of three fonts for the name.

  9. Ok,I’m caught up on all the happenings here.
    My post wasn’t about here. It was about how to contact the Nintendo people. Don’t give them an easy excuse to ignore your points.
    The real Ben
    If thats really you. Sorry for pressuring you dude. Its been fun just trying to figure it out.
    Tell us later. LOL

  10. I may be done with this board for a while. It seems someone is out to get me in some way. I do know the trick AND I’ll gladly share it after the competition. I can assure you I’ve gotten up 575 coins. Since what ever name I take seems to be copied and slandered I’m just gonna go away until the competition. Good luck to you all! And who ever is pretending to be me I have a message for you – Grow Up.

    • Ben I have looked into this issue of the “Fake Ben” and have deleted their comments. I hope this clears your name and fixes the issue. I hope to see you posting here again soon.

      • Thank you Justin. I am, of course, still checking these postes reguraly. If anyone claming to be me says anything fishy please delete it. I did just post above asking for an email from Dawrf regarding Mario Kart characters and karts. Thanks again.

        • Glad to see you back Ben. Let us know the name of your team so we can look it up on the leaderboard. No more talk of coin battles for now.

          We’re hopeful for a positive resolution for you
          other note: I was able to get a time of 2:01 on automatic settings in Mario Kart and the run wasn’t mistake free.

          • With which driver/car? My son can pull a 1:58 consistently on auto, but not with the combo they made him use of Mario in the basic car (1st one pictured).

          • My reply is way up there on top somewhere. Hmm, board is messing up.
            Yoshi and Wild Wings or the Mach bike.

          • My son gets his best time on one of the bikes. I’m not sure which one he uses, the driving is kind of his thing. But, I know that prior to competing, he pulled 1:58 pretty much every time he ran the track with his fav. driver/bike. We were so psyched, because the point increase he would get for breaking the 2:00 mark was sweet!

            Then when we got there, they didn’t give him the option to use it. The most frustrating at this point, for both of us, is that if the official rules had been followed—per Nintendo’s specs (which we found out after the fact)—his time would have smoked the team currently holding 1st place.

          • It’s a meeee! Mario!

            Use the fireflower to blast all enemies and then collect the coins they leave!

            Good luck!!!

          • ** don’t know why it put my post back up there…**

            Ben- Glad you’re back, sorry that someone was posting as you. Good luck on which ever day you compete! Hope to see you in L.A. Let us know how you did once you’re done

            Fake Ben- Seems to me that your posts scream of bitterness. Like real Ben said “Grow-up”

            Justin- Have you or your sister heard anything about flight details? We haven’t yet, but the company did “pass us off” to the next official. So we’re trying to be patient ….. it’s not working out so well.

          • So the NYC event sounded awesome. How are the mall events set up? Are their prizes and stuff too? People making free shirts? I have a feeling the NYC event was just over the top because it was the kickoff. Please let me know, anyone who competed in a mall. Thanks!

          • I think we’re breaking the board. It can’t handle all the convos going on and seems to be sticking posts where ever it wants. Either that, or I just can’t seem to figure out where the “end” post is to post after that one.

          • I hear that. Why does it keep putting my posts in the middle of the wall? I’m sure no one will read this because it’ll be near the top! What gives? Oh well, gotta rest up. Big day tomorrow.

          • Nothing listed on the wiigames website either as of 1:25pm EST.
            I understand that they are learning as they go cause it’s a brand new event, but you’d think a month into it they’d have a good enough idead of what they’re doing.

            On a side note, I thought Team Burrell (family) out of Six Flags over Texas had the scores they posted corrected. 1:34.630 on MarioKart just isn’t possible without using the glitch, and 656 coins in NSMBW? Are you kidding? If they didn’t let Ben do the trick how in the world did they let this team go crazy with coins?

          • I fully agree. It’s just crazy how that time & coin score passed somehow. I thought the time was corrected before, but I guess it was re-posted. You’re right, the other scores really aren’t great. But that coin score makes up a HUGE amount of what they lack in.

          • Well,

            I wouldn’t consider this much of a trick, really…my son got a higher score than that doing it legitimately. To be honest, anything on hoola-hooping is legitimate, if you ask me. It’s extremely difficult (at least for us) to get anything higher than 300 or so no matter how we’ve tried it—and no matter who’s doing it, it tends to look pretty ridiculous! I saw the team who placed above us got, like, 327…I have no idea how they did it, but kudos to them! I think it’s one of the hardest of all the games to do well!

          • Trixie hobbitzes! You had me all worried for a second. Then fooled! Nice job lol.
            Since I still haven’t heard from Ben I was getting worried that you wanted to stop being asked and just posted it.

          • Vinny

            Go Go Go Team Super Penguin!

            Just trying to help my buddies from Team Berugold get some hits in their youtube sites. How come still no updates from the weekend games?
            Its an option for those needing help in Hula.

          • Slow day on the board today. You guys must be training. Still no update from the weekend’s games. Tuesday 8/10/10 at 11:16 EST.

          • ** trying to get this on the bottom…**

            Looks like the WiiGamaes site is updated.
            Ben your scores were good. But I think the coins were the difference between you and the top team. It looks (to me) like the top team was able to do the trick. Even just a little bit, cause again, without knowing it there is no way at all that my team can score more than 400-405 at best. It also looks like you were in first at your mall. I’m sure that’s not much consolation. What were the other team names that competed from here?

          • Did Dwarph make it? He didn’t tell us his team’s name.
            The coin battle does cover weak spots. I wonder what level we will play in the finals?

          • **Grrr figuring out this board makes me angry, Vinny SMASH!!!**

            Good I’m not blind, Dwarph never said his team name. I thought I just couldn’t find it.
            Ron, forgive me, what was your team name? Also do you know the coin trick? If you do could you E-mail it to me? I tried to get in touch with Ben via his E-mail address but I think someone kidnapped him and Dwarph cause they are MIA since this weekend.

          • Nothing as of yet. I think my team is just going to ignore the trick and power on with each of our own events. We have a pretty good team score without the trick. So we figure that if we each set a goal and meet it (or do better) and then pull off what we normally get now in NSMBW we have a strong chance.
            Sorry Noah :(

          • Nice find. I noticed yesterday on the official site that there was now an address for the chmapionship. I’ve gotta head back to the site soon to see if there have been any score updates for this weekend. Thanks for the tip about the weather!

          • Looks like a lot of fun! Does anyone know if we get to meet Shawn Johnson? That would be so cool (because she’s an Olympian).

          • As it gets closer and more info is given, my team & I are getting more and more excited. Getting tough to wait for that package in the mail. Anyone else facing the same troubles?

            BTW I think it would be pretty awesome if she takes pictures with the finalist. But there are going to be something like 90 teams there. She’d feel like a Disney character by the time it’s over.

          • Any recommendations for family activities? Besides the beach and pier are there other fun things to do around Redondo beach?

          • My reply is lost somewhere in the comments. I haven’t been to LA area before and was thinking a tour of Hollywood would be fun for the family. Can you recommend a good tour?

          • Hey I lived in so cal for 24 years. There is so much great stuff to do out there. One attraction I definately recommend is the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. Something your children and yourself will definately love.

          • Yeah we made it! Our team name is The Broskis. I didn’t want to say anything about it until the scores came in. We are super excited! We’ll let you guys know when we hear from Nintendo. I really hope they do different events in the finals, I hate Mushroom Gorge (too easy to fall off and inconsistent jumps on the mushrooms).

          • Congrats Dwarph . We were hoping it would be you or Operation Snooperfax. I hope we’re all in the same hotel. We gotta meet up.

          • Congrats Dwarph! Can’t wait to see you in L.A. I really have no clue if they are changing anything for the L.A. event. I almost feel it wouldn’t be fair. You could change the levels in MarioKart & NSMBW, but what would you do about the other 3 games?

          • Yeah my teammate hit 8 strikes in a row for bowling it was amazing. For the other games, they could choose different games on Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports Resort. I bet they won’t change anything though, but you never know. I’m just sick of Mushroom Gorge. Also, a different level in NSMB would probably be more fair since that game is weighted for a ton of points, and there has been a really wide spread of points on that level.

          • I totally understand being tired of Mushroom Gorge on MarioKart. I think once this competition is over my brother isn’t ever going to play that stage again. As for the other events, I’d be kind of pissed if I’ve been hula-hooping all this time for nothing lol. I mean sure, I’m getting my abs back that I haven’t had for almost ten years but I’ll still be mad.
            I agree with you about NSMBW, if the trick (and no, we still don’t know it Grrrrr!) is being used it’s a huge advantage because of how much the points differ from teams who are vs. teams who aren’t using it. I’m sure I’d be all for teams using it if I knew what it was.

          • Congratulations DrDougandConninator!

            Wow! Nintendo did the right thing, in your case. It doesn’t matter that you guys would be our toughest competition, if we make it to the finals. You two really deserve to come to LA!

          • Hey Ron! Can you give any info on this trick everyone seems to be pulling off? The boards were updated today and I saw scores in the 460s-520s. Any help would be much appreciated! If you don’t know, perhaps you can direct me to someone who does? Here is my email –


            You can email me the trick there or have whoever you know who does know it email it to me. THANK YOU! :)

          • Seems like none of the winners in the Parent/Child category used the coin trick. That’s fine by me, since my son & I don’t know the trick. Our team is “Who Dat?”, by the way.

            Noah, which category is your team competing in? Do you happen to be playing at The Oaks this Saturday?

          • Hey there! Yes, I am competing this Saturday at the Oaks. Adult Category. Team Name – The Undrcvr Plumbers

            I really want to know this coin trick! Level the playing field since more and more people are finding out the closer we get!

          • Hey Ron. No, the site has not been updated yet and I have not been notified if we have advanced. I figure it would take much more time notifying the 48 teams from all the six flags AND the 6 teams from the final mall group. So I am basically waiting on pins an needles. I saw someone posted that they got their email. Whomever that was, could you forward that email to me, if you feel it won’t invade your privacy. I just want to see what I may be receiving, possibly add the email address to my safe list so it doesn’t go into the junk/spam folder. Thanks!

          • You should get an email today from @sweepspros.com, so you could add that domain to your “allow email list”. Our team from mall group 3 was notified at 1:42 pm last Wednesday, so hopefully you get notified today as well. I think the scores will be posted some time today, around 11 am CT. If Nintendo follows what they did last week.

          • Let me be the first to congratulate Noah !!
            The Undrcvr Plumbers performed as expected. Welcome to our little club.

          • YES! Thank’s Ron! I kept checking all through the morning at work and when it finally updated, I was so excited! My partner and I work together so we were both dancing around. HaHa. My plan worked! I knew we had a better shot to compete at Six Flags, rather than at The Oaks, considering the winnner at Six Flags advanced, rather than trying to beat out not only The Oaks, but the other 3 malls. It was the most logical choice really. I knew that having the choice to play for free at the mall would influence competitors over having to pay to get into Six Flags. I didn’t care about cost because I knew that the highest score at Magic Mountain could be beat easily. We performed no where near our averages so we did just enough to get by but were so nervous about someone else beating our score. Now that we advanced, I am SO relieved! lol. I havent received an email yet but I now know for sure I am getting one! lol What sucks though is that we live within 100 miles of LA so we won’t be getting a plane ride…we’ll be getting a van or something…*whoopie* lol Nevertheless….YES! HAHA

          • I hope you didnt play at both. If so, you’re one of the d’bag cheaters that have been holding up the rest of our emails and scores.

            If not, then way to go! GET SOME is going to B R I N G it to L.A. You better have your A game.

          • Wii Games 2010 Grand Championship
            September 3-5
            Redondo Beach Marina
            Free Admission
            Players and teams have been competing all over the country to win a spot at Wii Games Grand Championship, where players compete at Nintendo Wii video games for a chance to win awesome prizes. The public is invited to watch the finalists and play every day from 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach Hotel is proud to a host hotel for the Wii Games 2010. We are the official headquarters of all contestants and staff.

          • This morning I received an email requesting info regarding our ground transportation to The Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach and Marina Hotel.

            They also needed our jacket sizes. Wow! We’re getting jackets just for showing up!

          • Yeah! I hope it’s the same one some of the offcials were wearing at the Competiton! What is your team name? Where do you guys live?

          • Noah,

            Our team name is Who Dat? and we live in West Covina. It was about an hour drive to The Oaks mall. We’re about 45 miles from Redondo Beach.

            Do you live anywhere near us?

          • Oh Who Dat! I’ve seen your youtube vids. Very nice.

            Did your email ask for airport information or did they already know you would be needing ground transportation? If it doesn’t ask for flight info, can you please forward it to me so I can see any differences? My email is noahromail@gmail.com

            I live in Hollywood. My partner lives in South LA. I got that email around noon and I explained that we will not be needing a flight (which sucks!!!!) haha. I hope that jacket is the same as the blue ones at The Oaks. Those were cool!

          • I’m glad you liked my videos. I wasn’t sure anyone seen them, since no one is commenting.

            The email is the standard ground info request message. Just sent it to you.

            The website says all competitors get a Track Jacket and/or Custom Jersey.

          • I just noticed the top team in the family group at Northgate Mall (their team name is Goomba) got 699 coins in NSMB. That’s insane. Then again they had 4 players but still.

          • My family hasn’t been able to get much over 400, so it’s not looking too good for team espada. Maybe we’ll be able to watch some of the better teams compete first and try to duplicate what tricks they do to get that great of a score.

          • I’m really curious as to what the medals look like. I also hope that it’s the same white jackets that the staff had. Those were pretty sweet.
            BTW still waiting on that package in the mail. I’ll post on here whenever we get it.

          • Just received the “National Championship” email. It has a tentitive schedule of Family, Super Adult, and Adult competing on Friday. And Parent/child, Parent/teen and Teen competing on Saturday. Then the “grand championship” is Sunday? Maybe there will be a bracket for the top teams (any category) to play for the title?

          • To clarify my previous comment – The grand championship on sunday has a winner in each category. No playoffs between categories. I wish there was an edit option for you comments.

          • Why are you guys talking about Mario Kart on Automatic? Is that one of the rules for that race or just your preference?

  11. I’ve been following this wall for a while and reading all your guys troubles. I’m will be to competing this weekend in Texas with my friend Andy. Sorry you didn’t make it Doug. I sure hope my team is good enough. That coin trick is still be figured out. Looks like someone pestered Ben until he went away…guess he won’t be sharing the secret.

  12. I think I know the trick. I don’t know if I can pull 200 additional coins out of it. But I think I got it. BOOOOOOOOM!!!

  13. Wow these comments have exploded. Don’t worry, I’m still around. Also, I emailed Nintendo early on wondering about the rules and they responded saying that the default characters, karts, and bikes would be available. You should’ve had the option to choose from them, so someone hosting the event screwed up. I’m bringing a copy of the email with me to competition to make sure the judges have the rules correct.

  14. It’s 3:55 in the morning, and I’m not sleeping…again…

    That is pretty much how my week has gone since my husband and son entered this contest. What started out as something that was supposed to be exciting and fun, has left me with a distraught child and a very angry husband.

    If it isn’t rule infractions by the on-site officials, it’s notification and posting infractions by a contracted third party (Ventura) who, in turn, sends me e-mails blaming their client (Nintendo) for everything with a “sucks to be you” attitude as a consolation prize, and Nintendo’s customer service reps who claim—in a very polite and friendly way, I might add—that they are completely in the dark, and have no idea what’s going on…

    Aside from not sleeping all week, I have been chained to my home and my phone awaiting what started as an official winning notification, but became endless phone calls to and from various customer service reps, as I slowly work my way up through the Nintendo admin. chain of command via phone and e-mail referrals…and it’s still not over…

    …did I mention that I’m venting…?

    I’m exhausted, my family is in turmoil, and I’m posting on a video game blog at 4 in the morning…

    Wasn’t this supposed to be fun?

  15. This is Mrs. Dr. Doug, it’s 4:40 in the morning, and the post I just made is being “moderated”…wow…does THAT make me feel lame…

  16. Yoshi or Toad in Wild Wing. Lots of success on the mach bike. I would like to hear about other possible combos. Mario Kart is our weak spot. I got the game AFTER our event. We’re going to give some points away right there, but maybe we can make it up elsewhere. We’ve started to beat all the Staff ghosts (some with drifting some on automatic – depends on the track).

  17. Ben- Glad you’re back, sorry that someone was posting as you. Good luck on which ever day you compete! Hope to see you in L.A. Let us know how you did once you’re done

    Fake Ben- Seems to me that your posts scream of bitterness. Like real Ben said “Grow-up”

    Justin- Have you or your sister heard anything about flight details? We haven’t yet, but the company did “pass us off” to the next official. So we’re trying to be patient ….. it’s not working out so well.

  18. Since Nintendo changed the event date from the July 30th – 1st to Aug 6 – 8th at my mall they said they’d give me a prize package. I guess it’s just free swag, but I’m not complaining! Maybe I’ll get a sweet hat like the one Justin has on above. This happened awile ago, but I forgot to tell you guys. Anyone in the same boat?

  19. Justin,

    We are in contact with a representative from Nintendo.

    She seems very interested in the information about our lack of choices in the Mario Kart race.

    But much of the important dialogue has been removed from the top of this page. I know you cleared a lot out to make it easier to read, but is there any way you can put it back out for general viewing?

    Specifically, I made a series of comment, I think it was on Aug 3rd or 4th, that explained that we had no choices. As that would have been during a time when we still thought we had won its would be obvious that we were simply stating facts.

    Can you do anything here?


    • I never got rid of these comments. The website just rolled the page over since there were so many. To see the old comments you need to scroll down to the bottom of the comments area and hit the previous comments button. I hope that helps.

    • Hi. I was wondering if you know how the qualification process for Nationals is handled? Does the top performer at each group qualify or do the top 3 from each group qualify? I initially thought it was overall top 15 for each group nationwide that advances. Any information you can share or direction you can give would be much appreciated. Thank you!

      • Hey, Noah.

        The first three from the NYC Group get to go, but only the number one spot from each of the mall groups and each of the Six Flags locations gets to go, equalling 15.


  20. Someone may have already answered this but I’ve noticed that team ‘Waterfield’ scored a 554 on the NSMBWii Coin Battle. My partner and I have scored about 400 on a regular basis and we’ve collected pretty much all the coins available including a lot from the Bombs. Was this an entry error or did this team actually score that high? I’ve seen one time before that a score was entered incorrectly and adjusted accordingly a few days later. One team scored 108 in Basketball but the max is 90. It hasn’t been changed yet. Can anyone provide any info on this, as well as any tips you may have for me as I am set to compete in a week. Thank you. :)

      • Do you know what the trick is? And telling me wouldn’t hurt anyone’s chances, because there are many other variables to consider (the other 4 events). So any help or direction you can provide would be greatly appreciated. :)

  21. Heh, it kinda feels like the boards took the weekend off. Is everyone holding their collective breath waiting for word from whoever?

    Kickoff event- Waiting on the mail

    Mall group 1 & 2 – Waiting on confirmation

    Mall group 3 – Waiting for scores to post

    Notice a pattern? Anyone from any of the Six Flags on these boards?

  22. I just did a quick search on “Wii Games Summer 2010” on Youtube a few days ago. Bunch of stuff there. No specific one comes to mind.

  23. So I competed today. It was weird, all the officials at my event said the top three teams from the 4 malls get to go to L.A. In the official rules online, it says only the number 1 spot gets to go. I thought it was odd they were all misinformed, or maybe someone changed the rules. They also said they now have a system of checks to make sure all the scores are legit, so that’s why the scores won’t be posted online until Monday.

      • That explain why I can’t get any updates.

        You’re correct – only the top team from the mall groups advances. But on the off chance rules were changed that would be great as you and Ben would advance and Doug you too would advance. I don’t mind a little more competition.

    • WOW, I kinda would like clarification on that. I am going the day before to investigate what will be going on. I mean, when the offcials don’t know how the process works and what the rules are, then how can we trust their handling of the event? It’s like, I wouldn’t want to compete if officials are going to be unaware of what’s going on. How would that make things fair? I’d complain.

      • It’s possible, but I think Ben (or someone else) will beat us. I fell off in Mario Kart and ended up with a time of 2:01. We also blew NSMB and got like 50 coins less than what we were aiming for. However, we are in first at our location currently so we have a shot. If we don’t make it, we’ll probably post secrets, videos, and tips on this blog to make L.A. more competitive.

        • I’m sorry that you guys didn’t do as well as you wanted. It kinda sucks that a couple of us are going against each other before L.A.

          Selfishly I’d rather you didn’t post the coin-trick, tips & tactics on here. Cause I’d rather only the people here, who have been chatting and getting to know each other from the start had an upper hand. Of course the choice in the end is yours.

          lol by the way… If you just happen to be in a telling mood about the coin trick, my E-mail address is still TacktileTK@aol.com …. Just sayin’ :)

          • Dwarph
            You fell off and still got a time better than most. That must have been quite a run.

            I have to agree with Vinny on this one. Why post techniques here to help others that we will be going up against. Best to do it via private email.

        • Hey all, I’m competing on Saturday so let’s keep the hints off the boards until Sunday, yeah? haha. If anyone who has competed and won’t make it, how bout fillin me in on any “secrets” off the blog. My email is noahromail@gmail.com.

          So, any help/hints/suggestions/secrets you can pass along would be much appreciated. Thanks all!

        • Dwarph – Weren’t you & Ben at the same place? Did you guys meet up? Did they let you do the coin trick? I really do think it’s a judge by judge thing and that shouldn’t be the case.

    • Thanks, Ron.

      We have officially made it past the gatekeeper of Nintendo’s Administrative Staff. She agrees with us—that there was an official rules infraction—and has passed what amounts to her personal recommendation on to the decision makers.

      She said that there would most likely be some form of compensation, since there’s no real “fix” for the problem, we just don’t know what exactly that means as of yet. We are supposed to hear their final decision Monday or Tuesday, so we just have to wait and see.

      Exactly how viable said compensation will be for my son I don’t know.


  24. Game over guys. VERY bad day.

    Bowling – Went ok. 180.

    Hula hoop – Really bad, it’s like it was a whole differnt game than the one I haveat home. Iwasn;t picking up on my movements well. 60 below my best. I felt awful.

    Kart – Went great. 1:57

    Basketball -Something funky happened and the ball kept shooting straight up. My usual 23 to 24 average fell to 18 to 20. Very disapointed.

    NSMBW – Apparently you CAN’T DO THE TRICK IN CONPETITION. We started doing it and they made us start over. Our second run was not good. We got over 150 less coins then we had hours before at my home.

    If anyone wants the trick just let me know via email. toothemax66@yahoo.com

    Bye guys. I need to go take a rage nap. I’m very disapointed.

    • So, has any team in the past, or in the other locations this weekend been allowed to use it? If so, were their points adjusted…or will they be?


      • I honestly think it just goes judge by judge. This guy enforced the rule, I’m sure others won’t. It’s ok, our other performances probably weren’t good enough to get us there. I’m so disappointed though…we had the skills…we practiced for days…and we have nothing to show for it. I predicted we would have well over 20,000 points. We had just over 18,000 :( I wanted to throw up I felt so bad.

        • Those are very respectable numbers Ben. You just had a bit of bad luck with the judge. I too wonder if the powers that be will go back and validate all the scores in coin battle. Who knows

        • I’m sorry you feel so bad about everything…this was supposed to be fun, I think…

          It seems that differing rules and regulations are becoming synonymous with this tournament. When there’s no standard, there can’t be a fair comparison… it kind of makes all the points and scores meaningless. I have to admit, in the beginning, I thought the problem my son and I ran into was probably a fluke and merely an exception to the rule. But the more personal accounts I read about what others are experiencing, it seems that we were simply the first of what will turn out to be many in the long line of rule discrepancies.

          I expect better from Nintendo…


          • Wow guys, I’m really sorry it didn’t go as planned. Ben 18K is a great score! My team scored there and so far in the whole competition only one other family team has higher than us. I really hope that somehow you guys get in.
            Doug, I completely understand. I wouldn’t even know how to explain that situation to my son. I hope that whatever Nintendo or the promo company does for you makes it easier for your boy. I really, really hope that if the team who scored higher than you can’t go (or if any other team in your group can’t go) you are first alternate.

    • Hey Ben,

      I’m thinking that the wiimote may have needed re-calibrating. My son & I are competing in LA next weekend.

      If anyone knows if we can request a wiimote calibration prior to playing basketball & bowling, please let me know.

      • Ya know Superdome I didn’t even think of that. The issue didn’t come up (as far as I know) at the NYC event. But it seems like you may be on track as to what was up with Ben.
        However, if it was set-up like the NYC event then you play each game at a different station.

        • It wasn’t the calibration. I paused the game between ball racks and callibrated the controller on the floor. they said it was ok, but the shots were still kinda going hay-wire. Oh well. I’m slowly getting over it…I know I didn;t get 1st though. they had a TV that went through scores from the days before. Somene got just over 19000. A score that should have been easy to beat…if only.

          • Are you guys buying in to the idea that they have a new verification system? Because, when we competed, they said that there would be no postings until Monday morning due to the fact that the events shut down at the close of the business day. Also, because there were four different locates they were compiling information from, it would give all officials adequate time to transmit all of the information.

            I, myself, don’t really think they’ve changed anything…how can you verify points and scores to games which you can’t even competently oversee and standardize the rules for?

            It seems like everytime I turn around I’m hearing an account of some official pulling questionable answers out of their…hat…

            …just me?

  25. Justin, buddy – what happened to the video link I posted. Did the Mods shoot it down? I thought I would be able to sneak it pass ya.

  26. Yeah, I’m waiting for the scores too. Did anyone else go to a Six Flags? I was disappointed it was just the competition. All the talk of shirts and earning coins for prizes sounded like so much fun. Oh well, if they do this again, I’ll be sure to go to a mall.

  27. Looks like the WiiGamaes site is updated.
    Ben your scores were good. But I think the coins were the difference between you and the top team. It looks (to me) like the top team was able to do the trick. Even just a little bit, cause again, without knowing it there is no way at all that my team can score more than 400-405 at best.

  28. Good I’m not blind, Dwarph never said his team name. I thought I just couldn’t find it.
    Ron, forgive me, what was your team name? Also do you know the coin trick? If you do could you E-mail it to me? I tried to get in touch with Ben via his E-mail address but I think someone kidnapped him and Dwarph cause they are MIA since this weekend.

  29. Seems like none of the winners in the Parent/Child category used the coin trick. That’s fine by me, since my son & I don’t know the trick. Our team is “Who Dat?”, by the way.

    Noah, which category is your team competing in? Do you happen to be playing at The Oaks this Saturday?

  30. This is a post for all of you who have faithfully helped and supported us throughout our trials that have surrounded this competition:

    I am posting the official response we received this afternoon from Nintendo of America. I want to make a special point to thank Jean W. of NOA Administration, and her staff. Without her help, support, and understanding we never would have made it as far as we have. My family’s experience with Nintendo throughout our lives has always been pleasant and has always left us feeling very happy and satisfied with both their products and their service. They have, once again, proven to us why they deserve our loyalty…they have earned it—repeatedly—and I have confidence that they will continue to do so in the future.

    Dear Mr. Hutchison,

    Nintendo Customer Service let us know about your inquiries right away and we have been working hard to investigate the matter and see how we can make sure you have a great Wii experience. Since your initial inquiry we have fully reviewed your concerns regarding Wii Games: Summer 2010.

    Upon reviewing scores on Monday, August 2nd and Tuesday, August 3rd, it has been confirmed that your team is in second place for the mall group 2 competitors. These results have been used to contact the winners for Week 2 of this competition and, per the contest rules, only first place teams are awarded travel to Los Angeles to compete in the finals. As it has been done for all competition categories, only first place teams are contacted. Should the first place teams decline the invite, the team with the next highest score would be contacted. The first place team in your category has accepted and, thus, your team was not contacted.

    Our online and onsite leaderboard system are not official until all scores are validated by our staff. Updates can and will be made to ensure the most accurate reporting of the scores and the final team standings. These updates are made within the appropriate times allowed to ensure the right teams are notified.

    In regards to your competition experience with Mario Kart Wii, Nintendo investigated how this competition was conducted and it is not possible to verify whether this was incorrectly administered. Nor is it possible to demonstrate that enough points would have been earned to secure a first place standing.

    Based on our review, your team has not qualified as a 1st place team based on the rules and guidelines of this contest.

    · Regardless of our review, Nintendo’s corporate mission is to deliver wow experiences that generate big smiles on the faces of our consumers. Therefore, after additional review, we have decided to allow for an exception to the contest rules. Team Dr. Doug and Conninator will be authorized to compete in the Wii Games: Summer 2010 Final based on a special exemption

    · Due to your son being a passionate Nintendo fan and wanting to ensure that he ultimately has a positive experience with this promotion, a special exemption will be granted to ensure he can compete in the finals event

    The fulfillment process and booking of your travel to Los Angeles will commence immediately. We are excited to have you and your son join us for this very special event.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

    Thank you,

    Lauren Pawling

    SEE YOU ALL IN LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s fantastic! Congratulations!!! Lauren was extremely helpful to us also. We had a small detail we had to ask questions about and she was prompt and polite. Anyway…
      Congrats again, and Team Super Penguin can’t wait to meet everyone from here!

  31. For anyone going to the finals I highly recommend watching the movie “The Wizard”. It’s a great old school Nintendo movie about a similar (but fictional) gaming tournament. It will really put you in the mood for the finals.

  32. Hi Dwarph. My three kids and I make up Team Espada. We were at Ridgedale on Saturday. We received our email from Ventura yesterday and just faxed in the documents today.
    Congrats and good luck to you all.

  33. Hello, my brother and I recently competed in Mall Group 4 in the teen catagory, and put up a pretty good score. My question is, has anyone else playing in mall group 4 recieved contact from Nintendo? I have yet to see any scores being updated for the region, and I just want to know how we fared. Thank you.

    On a side note, would anyone care to fill me in on the 5-4 coin trick? My brother and I may not even bother to use it, as no other teen team has match what we put up. I just want to know how it’s possible to obtain 500+ coins. E-mail’s ggormley48@q.com. Thanks again.

    • The Scores have not been posted yet which is strange. I assume it is taking longer than usual because for the previous 3 mall groups, they just had to notify 6 teams. Nintendo has to notify 48 teams from all of the six flags locations as well as the 6 teams from Mall Group 4. Considering how late in the day it is (I’m on the west coast), it is puzzling why nothing has been posted at the very least. Let’s hope it’s just a long process and not a different issue.

      In regards to the coin “secret/trick”, there isn’t any. Just continuing to hit the bob-ombs with fireballs results in many coins. The key is holding on to the fire flower power-up for as long as possible, especially towards the end when the bob-oms fall onto the

      • I hope that’s the case. My team’s score was over 19,000, better than any teen team that I’ve seen so far. In regards to 5-4, tht’s we’ve been doing all along. I guess we just weren’t holding on to the flower all the way to the end. When usually get over 400 coins on a given run.

        • Yup. I mean, I hope they haven’t notified winners before they post the scores on the leaderboard. I would understand them having a lot to take care of though, as I referred to earlier.

          • Did you guys happen to notice who was at the top of the Leaderboard in the Parent/Child category, before you left The Oaks? When I left on Saturday afternoon, Who Dat? was still #1. We scored 10 less points than the current overall leader in our category.

    • We haven’t heard anything either. We competed in Mall Group 4 as well and as a family we did well. Well we screwed up on NSMB but other than that we did a solid run, not spectacular but solid. We had 5 kids puking earlier in the day/night and on the way to the mall but they still wanted to go so pretty amazing we did that well.

  34. I know we won as we were at Six Flags on Sunday and put up the highest score. Still haven’t gotten the email, though…

    Why are these guys slacking so hard? They should have confirmed to us by now.

      • The rules say they are supposed to notify the winners by the 17th and you only have 3 days to respond or lose your spot. You may want to contact nintendo customer service and let them know you have not been notified just in case they don’t have the corret info for you.

        • I won at Six Flags over GA. Yes, I’ve called Nintendo on Tuesday (twice) and left messages with my team name, codes, etc etc and am still waiting on a call back. I’ve sent emails to info@sweepspro.com this morning, too, and will call them as soon as they open.

          This is ridiculous. I hope it’s not Nintendo with egg on their faces after all this, or something worse than egg…I’ll not take this shit lying down.

          • Oh ok. Yeah, keep us posted on here as I don’t think any Six Flags winners have been notified. I heard on here that a Mall Group 4 winner has been notified, so I’m not sure what is going on.

          • UPDATE – I finally got a call back from sweepspro. They dont even have the list of winners yet for Six Flags over GA…someone’s obviously dragging their feet. They are waiting to get the list before they can even call anyone. No idea how long it will take but I’ll keep you guys posted.

            They asked me to be patient. Easier said than done when we were supposed to be notified by Tuesday and it’s now Thursday.

  35. Be calm folks. So far Nintendo and their representatives have generally run this promotion very admirably and have been attentively to our past concerns. My congratulations to all who are going to the Grand Championship round.

    • “So far Nintendo and their representatives have generally run this promotion very admirably”

      How do you figure that? Taking days to return phone calls, being DAYS late on advising the winners, not updating the scoreboards; I’m sorry, but that’s not my idea of running a business, nor is that good customer service.


      • I totally agree with Ron. We all are anxiously awaiting results. This is a family competition and Nintendo has always given us the best customer service. Keep in mind that there are far more teams to notify this week than in weeks past. There are 48 Six Flag Teams + 6 mall group teams. True, they are behind schedule with posting results and notifying people, but no one is perfect.

  36. Hey guys. I’m just letting you all know that you should follow Ripten on Facebook and Twitter. Links are provided below.

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ripten-Video-Game-Blog/191629892023

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ripten

    Also it would be cool if you followed me on Facebook and Twitter as well. I’m the Nintendo guy around here and post articles and such related to the Big N.

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/King-Nintendo-Fanboy/119640971421975?v=wall

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/KingNintendoFan

    Thanks and I can’t wait to see some of you at the Finals.

  37. Would anyone know what events we’ll be competing in? Will they be the same 5, or will they be different? It’s probably the same but I’m not sure if anyone has received anything other than what I have so far. I just fedexed my forms today so I don’t know if anyone has any other information. Thanks!

  38. Looking at all 75 qualifiers in five categories (left out super adult because, well…), eight teams got a score of 425 or above on NSMBW. Five were over 500 (3 families & 2 adults).

    The two top scores (699, 656) clearly qualified based solely on coins. Both are families (unfortunately for espada and my team The Hooligans)

    Hopefully there will be a new NSMBW (and MarioKart) level in the Finals to spice things up, but I doubt it. 5-4 was the last round in the Japanese coin grab championship earlier this year as well.

    • Yeah I think with all the problems going on with the NSMBW level there should be a new one for the L.A. event. Who knows?

      Wow 337 at hula-hoops? That’s insane! Nice job! Now you can scare people and say “yeah that was a bad game too”

      • Congrats Hooligans. I like your analysis except for the part where our teams don’t look good in NSMBW. It will be interesting to see what the LA judges allow in the tournament. Ben said his team wasn’t allowed to do the NSMBW coin glitch at his location. So it could be a lot more interesting if the coin glitch is not allowed in the finals.

        • Lots of other family teams on here. I’ve gotta be honest, I hope they don’t allow the coin trick. 699 coins is game breaking. It leaves the other games almost needless. I’d rather it was decided by skill in all 5 games. Win or lose at least at that point it was fair.

          • We’re in ~400 coin range as well. If still level 5-4, hopefully a few teams will be pulling a Burrell during the practice session. I vote for world 8-7 (bonecoasters) as the most hilarious for the finals.

            337 is the highest Hula Hoop score I’ve seen. No trick here except I think it helps to be missing a Y chromosome.

            Other top scores for the qualifiers are 1:55.7 in Kart (by the blog leader, I believe), 80 in basketball (impressive), and 284 in bowling.

          • I don’t think everybody is getting their coins the same way. We got 445 in competition and have broken 500 many times. It’s not that consistent and somewhat difficult to pull off. It’s not a glitch what we do. I’m wondering what Ben did to get coins and why it wasn’t allowed. Anyways my point is, there are multiple ways to break 500 coins.