Finally… Nintendo is coming back… to Comic-Con.

Okay, so that lacks a little of The Rock’s punch. Nonetheless, for the first time since 2006, those attending the San Diego Comic-Con can expect to see the familiar hot dog-shaped logo of Nintendo among all the other video game, comic book, and movie companies that are in exhibiting at the San Diego Convention Center from July 22nd through the 25th.

So, what will they have on display? One game is the recently-released Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. And while those who have already purchased the game may not be interested in partaking of the hands-on demonstrations, they may very well have interest in the downloadable treasure map known as “Mortamor,” which will be available in North America for the first time at Comic-Con.

Notes the press release:

To access the map, players must have their Nintendo DS system running the DRAGON QUEST IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies game and set to “Tag Mode.” Once players get to the town of Stornway, they are able to access Tag Mode at the Quester’s Rest inn.

The other game announced to be on-hand is none other than the upcoming return of Samus, Metroid: Other M. Those who attend Comic-Con and visit Nintendo’s booth will gain the rare opportunity to play through some portions of the game in advance of its August 31st North American release.

To check these games out, you’ll want to head for Nintendo’s booth, #2944, on the show floor.

On another note, at least Nintendo isn’t torturing non-attendees with exclusive items that will cost fans an arm and a leg to get a hold of on the aftermarket. Not to say they won’t have any fun swag to give or sell, but at least they aren’t torturing the rest of us by advertising it to a world of people who can’t go.