The PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade demo for 2K’s upcoming Mafia 2 has been announced today by MCV as August 10.

The demo comes a few weeks before the game’s release in the UK on August 27 and in the US on August 24, letting you gear up for the game’s release (or, more likely, dick about) for a good amount of time before the release. If you’re a PC player, remember that you can get Mafia 1 for free if you pre-order Mafia 2 on Steam or Direct2Drive– so you can play that instead.

If you can’t even wait for the demo, there’s some footage here, or you can read our delightful E3 preview here.

I’ve not played the original Mafia, but the hype/marketing train for Mafia 2 has captured my interest somewhat, I must say. As a fan of classic gangster films, I can only hope it can capture the essence of those great families and stories.

[Via CVG]