Microsoft has announced some tantalizing new details on gameplay for Halo: Reach. Firefight mode is back, with a few modifications. The game also features a reworked forge for creating multiplayer maps with even note options than in Halo 3. Read on for the press release:

“Continuing the ?Halo? tradition of offering players a groundbreaking level of customization, Microsoft and Bungie announced Forge 2.0, a robust set of new editing tools built into ?Halo: Reach? that will empower aspiring game designers to easily create and share their unique ?Halo: Reach? multiplayer map creations with the world. Set on one of the series? iconic ?Halo? rings, Forge World is a massive, beautifully-rendered landscape that serves as a giant canvas for players to build unique map creations alone or cooperatively with up to seven friends on Xbox LIVE or system link, or three friends via split-screen. Utilizing the upgraded Forge 2.0 toolset, Forge World holds unlimited creative potential for millions of armchair designers to sculpt, build and share the most intricate and visually stunning maps they can imagine.

Additionally, Microsoft and Bungie are giving attendees at Comic-Con International the first public hands-on with the Firefight multiplayer mode at the Xbox booth, including the newly unveiled Versus Firefight mode, which pits a team of player-controlled Elites with Covenant AI support against a team of player-controlled Spartans. Everyone who plays a Firefight match will receive a free token to unlock an exclusive Noble 6 helmet for their Xbox LIVE Avatars.”

Looks like Reach will incorporate the best of the series. I was excited about the game before; now even more so. Halo Reach drops September 14.