Xbox360Achievements reported earlier that a piece of new downloadable content was heading to the Marketplace for Mass Effect 2, however avid fans of the award winning title noticed that the weapons donned by Shepard and his band of merry men, weren’t in fact weapons previously available in the game. BioWare’s Senior Product Manager, Jarrett Lee said they actually belong to another piece of DLC that would ship prior to the Liara downloadable content.

“Some of the new guns you are seeing in those screens are not in the Lair of the Shadow Broker pack,” Lee said “They are in fact part of a different pack that will be released prior to Lair of the Shadowbroker – more details coming very soon. While this was simply intended to tease them I can see how it could be misleading, so I must apologize for that.”

When asked to comment on the newly announced DLC Jarrett commented that it would “contain some *really* cool stuff we haven’t revealed yet” and gamers could look forward to more details heading into August.