Everyone’s favorite robots in disguise get new some friends and some new maps to play on today as downloadable content for the game hits both Xbox 360 and PS3.

Aside from two new co-op maps and two new deathmatch maps, those who purchase the DLC will also get five new characters from the Transformers universe: Scattershot, Jazz, Onslaught, Shockwave, and Demolisher. The DLC is 800 MS points on Xbox 360 and $10 on PSN.

David Pokress, the Head of Marketing for Licenseded Properties, Activision Publishing, had the following to say:

“The fans have spoken and the response to Transformers: War for Cybertron has been colossal,” …. “Our number one goal since the launch of the game has been to support the rapidly-growing online community, and we recognize the need for these characters and maps to continue the blistering multiplayer gameplay they have come to know and love.”

While “blistering” isn’t the most appealing way to describe a game, I’m glad Transformers is working out, because apparently it’s so good that it ruined Gavin Bard’s theme review.

UPDATE: According to one of our readers, the content is not yet on PSN, but it is scheduled to hit today.


  1. I love the game, in fact, I’ve played it every night since I got it for my birthday. But, as any good player needing more challanges and variety, I cannot help but feel Jipped. I got the computer version of the game and failed to know about both the game and preorder specials until a month or so -after- it’s release.

    But here shines the DLC, mockingly, in a sense, because if I want the extras, I’d have to buy the game AGAIN, aswell as one of the perscribed consoles (which are, from what I heard, notoriously prone to bellying up.) … Way to support the PC users.

    I appologize, I don’t want to rant, but it is rather frustrating.